The Seven Year Itch

Your lift is here

“Your lift is here…”

On this day, seven years ago, Susan and I made aliyah. (Susan’s mum formed the follow up invasion, a few weeks later.)

Shortly after coming here, I started sending out a PDF newsletter (Israel Calling) about our life and some of the cultural challenges and experiences. Eventually, I ditched the PDF and upgraded to the blog.

Over time, the blog’s coverage extended to include many more topics beyond the aliyah experience. That was good and bad. It was good, because I got to indulge my love of writing. It was bad, because the individual life experiences here become somewhat obscured by the mass of other material. However, on balance it worked for me, because I did not want to restrict my writing, and wasn’t prepared for the alternatives, such as starting separate blogs for separate themes. (It may not have worked for the audience, though.)

Then there’s the audience. I don’t have a high readership, and there is no prospect of me achieving same without a ton of work, some spending, and some serious self promotion. It’s the last that’s the main obstacle. I do not like – and am not good at – promoting myself. So, if my mission had been to become a top blog, I would have failed. But my goal was to keep in touch with friends and family, old and new, and I reckon that was achieved. My half hearted attempts on Twitter and Facebook have got me nowhere, and maybe that is as well. Because now it’s time to change direction.

I have other writing I want to do, which means I cannot keep up the blog output. (Yes, I want to write a novel. Or two. Or more.)  I do not have pretensions of becoming a bestselling author, but it’s been a long term dream, and I want to tackle it before it’s too late. Therefore, I am going to scratch that itch now, and scale back output on the blog. The blog is not closing; I will do bits and pieces now and again. But, I will no longer feel a  need to feed the beast, and you can reasonably expect long periods of silence. (I am not ruling out a return at some point in the future.)

Thanks to all the readers of this blog from time to time. I hope I have given you a little something.

Be well, one and all.