Two out of three isn’t bad

With Peleg and Sheer unavoidably detailed – they had an urgent meeting with their respective hairdressers – Rosalynn brought along her daughter Eliana, and we had a pleasant three person gaming evening.

We started with Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries, as it is designed specifically for 2-3 player play. Eliana was familiar with the core game, and she had no trouble picking up the differences. Play went smoothly, with Eliana crushing my hopes for victory by inadvertently – I think – blocking me off from my main ticket route. Meantime, Rosalynn nabbed the long 9 space route, and sauntered to victory. Eliana was second. I was after Eliana…

We moved on to Ivanhoe, a game which I taught Eliana and Rosalynn to play. Of course, I taught it so well, Eliana won. Rosalynn had gone in to an early lead, Eliana and I caught up, and then the youngster just kept going for the win.

We finished with Take it Easy and finally I could claim a win.

The ladies won two out of three, though. Not bad, eh? Eliana proved herself a genuine game player. They must have interesting games in that household given the number of good players there.

The three ticketeers


Ben and David joined me for this week’s regular session, fresh from a joint outing to a culinary event in Tel Aviv. So, they were well fed and well watered, and in a jolly good mood. Although when we started playing games, the competitive urge was still there, they kept the good mood!

We started off with Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, and then played two games of Dominion.

Ben kept all 5 of his tickets. David and I kept 3. David spent a long time trying to get the right cards for the longest (nine train) route, but after playing it went into the lead.

Ben was doing well until I stopped him, er, in his tracks. Unfortunately for me, I was so busy congratulating myself on doing that, I forgot to complete one of the extra set of tickets I picked up. (Silly me.) And Ben recovered.

Ben completed four out of five tickets, as did I. David didn’t do that well…

Ben won. Well done, Ben!

In the first Dominion game, Ben got off to a good start, claiming the first 6 victory point card. But he could not quite get up enough momentum, and David and I closed on him. At the final count, I had secured the win by a narrow margin.

Ben got his revenge in the final game. David was having lots of fun with his Militia and Witch cards, but spent too long on them and not enough accumulating money or victory points. But he’s a novice at the game, so this valuable experience will stand him in good stead for the next time. In this game Ben did manage to keep up the momentum, and neither David nor I could keep up the pace. So, a win there for Ben.

Good fun.

The magnificent seven

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Guess how many were at this week’s session? (Sorry. No prize for the right answer.)

Before everyone arrived, Peleg, Yehuda, and I played Geschenkt (aka No Thanks!). Fun, fast, light, and a win for me. Hooray!

Then the seven were a four and a three. (I’m a dab hand at arithmetic.)

The fab four – Laurie, Peleg, Rosalynn, and Yehuda – tackled Puerto Rico. All except Peleg had played it before, but I rather fancied him to enjoy it. One key skill in the game is deciding what role to take when it’s your turn, and that is an opportunity to damage to your opponents. However, it didn’t connect with Peleg and he struggled a bit. A shame. Laurie seemed to be doing well, and Rosalynn was certainly enjoying herself as she had worked out how to get a nice production line going. Inevitably though, master gamer Yehuda won. Well done, Yehuda.

Meanwhile, the terrific trio – Judy, Shuli, and I – played Ticket to Ride: Europe. It was a first time experience for Judy and her route planning was less than successful. But, she did revel in blocking me in the later stages of the game, so I suspect any replay would be a different situation completely. Shuli completed her routes, but wasn’t ambitious enough, so her scoring was hampered. Regrettably, this was a situation where my extensive experience of playing the game was enough to give me a win.

After some retirals, the last game was Ticket to Ride: Nordic. This was a chance for revenge which Peleg grabbed with both hands, racking up a fine win. Well done, Peleg.

Thanks to me for hosting!