Trouble Ahead?

Out of the wrapper and on to the game table:

An unusual game about potential conflict in the South China Sea which includes a Political and a Military set of rules. In some scenarios, using cards, you play out the political aspect and the shooting can start at any time or not at all. Or, you can skip the politics and go straight to war.

The components are good, though the back side of some of the counters is slightly off. I found the rules a bit rough, but nothing that could not be bridged with some common sense. The system is easy and accessible and gives each player plenty to think about. The decisions are tricky, not the rules.

Some have criticized the lack of scenarios – there are only half a dozen or so – but if that bothered me, I’d be able to get some fan created ones from BGG. The current challenge, given how much fun this is, is how do I stop myself buying the next in the series?