Social media madness?

Blogging has been affected by my activity in several social media front lines as part of my contribution to the defense of Israel. While I sort of expected the hate and the bigotry, the extent of it has been an unpleasant surprise.

But what has been an even bigger surprise is the number of times I have had exchanges that go along the following broad lines:

Anti-Israel Poster: I hate Israel. It’s done this…[take your pick of the current bash of defamatory nonsense allegations] and it should be destroyed.

Me: You make this allegation, but here are the facts.

Anti-Israel Poster: I hate Israel. [Repeats allegation.]

Me: Did you read what I posted – the facts? Do you dispute the facts? Why? What’s your source?

Anti-Israel Poster: I hate Israel. [Repeats allegation.]

Me: You have ignored my earlier post. It included the facts that directly contradict your unfounded allegation. Do you dispute the facts? Why? What’s your source?

Anti-Israel Poster: I hate Israel. [Repeats allegation.]

At this point in time, I can sort of hear the Anti-Israel poster stamping his feet on the floor as he thumps the keyboard while typing: “I HATE ISRAEL!” When he calms down, he removes the block capitals…

Facts and logic are ignored. I’m not sure if this is largely the result of a poor education, a belief in the divine sanctity of the BBC, the Guardian, and the like, a political brainwashing, a core of malevolent hate, or some combination. Or is it a peculiar disease infecting only practitioners of social media?

I am unsure of the value of such exchanges. Are there lurkers who read these exchanges and form opinions based on the facts, or their affinity to one or other argument?

Lunatics. Asylum. Social. Media. Sentence.

A cracker, first seen as a link at LGF:

5 Organizations That Let Idiots Run Their Social Media

Despite the fact that we are nearly done with the year 2013, there are still some companies that A) think that social media is a thing very few people pay attention to and B) are content to hire teenage interns and/or burgeoning sociopaths to maintain their online presence.

#5. Biology Online Asks a Blogger if She’s an “Urban Whore”

Danielle Lee, a biologist who blogs under the handle the Urban Scientist for Scientific American, received an email last month from Biology Online, a science website offering her the irresistible opportunity to write things for them for free. When Lee politely declined, citing that she (like most people) really needs to get paid in exchange for her work, Biology Online oh-so-professionally responded by calling her a whore.

Not an exaggeration. That is literally what they said.

! Read the whole thing here. You may be astounded by the stupidity on offer.

Social media in acion

This topic came up in conversation at social gathering last night, but there were differing versions. So, to be helpful, here’s the link to the Wired story about the Never Seconds (school meals) blog that was temporarily brought to a halt by the actions of the Local Authority. The blog – by schoolgirl Martha Payne – is here. (And there’s a cute contribution from an Israeli schoolkid there, which I was very pleased to see.)

It’s a heartwarming story which proves the value of social media – as well as solid parenting, smart thinking by a young kid, and good, old-fashioned journalism. But while the Local Authority took a kicking for their initial response, they deserve credit for reappraising the situation and doing the right thing.

(If you don’t know what any of this is about, I recommend you click on the link to the Wired story. It’s one of the best web adventures you will read.)