Video from an Egyptian: “Why do you hate Israel?”

This*, from Sherif Gaber, will stop you in your tracks:

According to Wikipedia:

Sherif Gaber (full name Sherif Gaber Abdelzim Bakr), born c. 1993 (Arabic: شريف جابر عبد العظيم بكر) is an Egyptian political activist and blogger who was arrested on October 27, 2013 for professing atheism, contempt of religion relating to activities on campus and atheist statements online, and spreading immoral values “defending homosexuality”.

It appears he is now in hiding, but is proving somewhat of a thorn in the side of the authorities by continuing to post videos (pro science and pro human rights) on YouTube.

A brave young man. I hope he keeps safe.

[*First seen at the Elder of Ziyon.]