The busy little b’s of BDS

Robin Shepherd (State Beyond the Pale) wrote:

Whatever it touches, the anti-Israel agenda always brings out the worst. It brings out the worst in journalists who cast aside their principles of balance and objectivity. It brings out the worst in seasoned commentators who substitute hysteria and foot stomping for calm analysis and enlightened discussion.

It brings out the worst in trade unions which put a hateful agenda above the interest of their members. It brings out the worst in diplomats who debase themselves by pandering to tyrannies against a democracy. It brings out the worst in artists and writers who submerge their commitment to beauty and truth in ugliness and lies. It brings out the worst of the great traditions of Left and Right which default back to their shabbiest instincts and their darkest prejudices.

Difficult to disagree with.

Over at Divest This! the good Shepherd (ahem) is quoted as an appropriate summary of the position about the latest BDS activity: a resolution by United Automobile Workers (UAW) 2865 (a union of graduate student employees in the California education system) to support and enact BDS. It’s up for voting on 4th December. They have been busy little b’s, those BDS people. But not for the good of the union members. As Divest This puts it:

Most notably, they have been pushing, participating in and spending union money on BDS activities, even before they receive the answer they’re hoping for from the rigged vote they’ve scheduled for December 4th. And, not satisfied with the damage they have caused to date, they have done everything in their power to ensure a “Yes” vote will permanently wreck the organization…

Read it all, here. And see the coverage here from Legal Insurrection for more details that tend to confirm how self destructive the BDS infection can be.