Silence is killing

In his trademark style, Elder of Ziyon cuts through the crap and gets straight to the point in his post Palestinian society is truly sick. After noting that, earlier today in Jerusalem, two Palestinian kids (aged 12 and 13) attempted to stab and kill a security guard, he asks the question:

“What causes a 12-year old to want to risk being killed just to have a chance at wounding a Jew?”

He then answers his own question as follows:

“Incitement is part of the problem, but it is not the main issue.

True, Palestinian news outlets and social media are filled with photos, videos, songs and cartoons that all advocate murder and terror, images that make heroes of the attackers and that dehumanize the victims.

But to truly understand the sickness that is Palestinian society, you need to look beyond the words and images and music. You need to look at what is not being said.”

Let us pause for a moment for reflection. Think on that last point. What is not being said?

The Elder continues:

“You will not find any examples of people telling children not to attack Jews. You won’t find any stories of parents who try to raise their kids to respect all human beings. You will not find any stories about Israeli victims. You will not see anything about teachers telling their students that their lives are too valuable to waste on randomly stabbing people. You won’t find anyone saying that murder is bad no matter who does it.

You won’t find a single voice opposed to the current wave of children sacrificing themselves for a chance to stab Jews.”

As the next part clarifies, he is not talking about about Israeli media – within which there have been several sensible pleas to stop the stabbings and other terrorist attacks. He is talking about the Palestinian Arab media. For example:

“If there has been any opposition to children stabbing Jews in Palestinian Arab media, I have yet to see a single example. On the contrary, the stories are neutral at best and often cheerleading – and then using Israeli efforts to protect themselves as reason to encourage more attacks.”

I don’t have the resources to check that claim, but I dare say we would have seen evidence on social media, were there such opposition.

Crucially, he notes:

“I am not saying that Palestinian Arabs are all united in their support for sending their children out on suicide missions. I have no doubt that most parents are aghast at the idea that their kids might join the fad.

But because of the sick nature of Palestinian society, publicly coming out against terror is simply not possible. There is far more fear of saying anything against the politically-correct message of supporting terror than there is of the “oppressive occupation” itself.”

In other words, instead of opposition from – presumably – the majority, there is silence. As it is suggested, however, the fear is that the price of speaking out would seem to be too high. I’m not sure if the Elder or I were in the shoes of a Palestinian family member with kids, we would be able to risk the consequences of speaking out in public. We might (as many do) make sure our kids knew not to get involved, but that might be as far as we could go. So, although the Elder’s identification of a key part of the problem is accurate, there is no readily available solution, other than building bridges, hoping, and trying to keep on doing the right thing. No matter what the terrorists may get up to.

Until there’a breakthrough or radical change, the silence will continue to kill.

You can read the complete post by the Elder of Ziyon, here.

The Palestinians’ biggest problem – and it’s not Israel

There must be a blue moon in the sky…

Somebody in the western media is telling its readers what the situation truly is:

“Meanwhile Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan continue to have problems with the Palestinians. While Arabs do not like to discuss this openly, everyone acknowledges that the biggest problem the Palestinians have is the corruption of their own leaders. Because of the corruption their leaders try to keep people focused on the effort to destroy Israel.”

And is it difficult to get the crowd wound up?

“But it’s easy to get young (especially teenage males) Palestinians fired up because these kids have been raised with Arab media that constantly praises violence against non-Moslems (and especially Israelis) as an admirable and worthy activity.”

At this point the writer is being coy; for “Israelis” read “Jews.”

And how extensive is this media campaign?

“That includes extensive children’s programming on TV for kids of all ages. This is an absurd situation and Israel is making little headway in persuading its critics in the West that the Palestinians do not want peace. What Palestinian internal propaganda (in Palestinian media and in speeches by officials) has been saying for decades and still says is that the Palestinian objective is the destruction of Israel and the death or expulsion of all Jews from the Middle East.

Not a surprise to those of us who remain cynical. They want to destroy Israel. Do they all want that? No. Does it matter that it is not a unanimous view? No. Does it make peace impossible? Almost. I am very pessimistic – though I believe we have to try, really strive for it – and wished there were more positive signs within Palestinian Society.


“More radical Palestinians (and many other Arabs) not only call for all non-Moslems to be killed or expelled but act on that wherever possible (like Syria, Iraq and Egypt.) Pro-Palestinian Westerners keep making up excuses to explain away this religious bigotry but that is wearing thin as the death toll mounts and the Israelis publicize (in detail) the Palestinian media exhortations to violence.”

For me, the excuses by western apologists have never been anything other than meaningless drivel. I don’t see these excuses wearing thin with the people holding the power – hello, Obama! – but maybe I am too close to see it. Maybe there is, under the surface, some recognition.

In short, as said before, there is a material problem of antisemitism and related incitement in Palestinian Society, in official and unofficial media. That is one of the biggst obstacles to peace. This author says the obstacle is there so that the leadership can create a diversion from its own corruption. Probably that’s right. Who will stop it? Who will ridicule the Emperor’s new clothes?

Read the whole thing, here.

Damn fools, and liars

As you may have heard, the winter rain flooded parts of Gaza, and the Palestinian authorities in the shape of Hamas decided to put out a ridiculous story (not for the first time) that it was Israel’s fault. Israel had opened the floodgates in some mysterious dam, and flooded Gaza as an act of war, a crime against humanity, and so on, and so on. (Check out the background here and here, if you want to.)

Well, as an acid test for fact checking – like there are no dams, and no possibility of Israel causing the flooding – huge chunks of the media failed. They blindly repeated the lie. Some even stuck to it after the facts were pointed out to them. You know: the facts they should have, and could have, checked before printing a modern day libel. But they didn’t.

Media cloth – never mind the quality

In one view, this is because journalism in the mainstream has so cut its cloth and reduced the quality of its output to cope with demands for quantity (and speed) that there is neither budget nor time for fact checking.

Media mindset – Israel = bad

Another view is that the media believes anything bad that is said about Israel. Israel, in short, is automatically guilty.

It reminds me of my time working as a defense lawyer in the criminal justice system in Scotland. Sometimes the police lied in evidence. Privately they would admit it. When asked why, the most popular response was something like:

“Well, he probably did it anyway. And even if he didn’t, he did do other stuff. So he deserves to be found guilty.”

That sounds awfully like the media’s bull headed and wrong headed attitude towards Israel. The question is: why?

I’m going to stop there before I post something I will regret later. Meantime, you can think what your own answer might be.

A society of liars

The other observation is that, once again, we see that Palestinian Society has no real values in this area. They lie, lie, and lie again. They lie without remorse, restraint, or fear of the consequences, though they surely know it’s a lie.

There is a poison at the core of Palestinian society, and stories like this prove its existence. Why should anybody trust a society that can collectively promote lying?

The elephant has disappeared

The final point is one you won’t see raised in the western media. Gaza has a problem with winter rain. There are regular floods. Why don’t they do something about it? Wouldn’t it be better for the people of Gaza, for Hamas to build drainage and civilian infrastructure, instead of terror tunnels? Why is nobody outside of Israel asking these questions? Why are the UN, UNWRA, and the so called human rights organizations, silent on this? They are all a disgrace.

Palestinian society and the ever present poison

From Elder of Ziyon:

Arabs upset at Abbas for his “condemnation” of terror attack

More and more Palestinian Arabs are angry at Mahmoud Abbas for his supposedly pro-Israel actions, including his “condemnation” of the terror attack in the Har Nof synagogue.

A Facebook group called “Abbas does not represent me” has over 140,000 “Likes” so far. It includes this poster showing Abbas as an IDF soldier:

abbas idf

More here.

This is the reality of Palestinian society: a poisonous well of hate.

For the avoidance of doubt, let it be clearly said that there are those in Israeli society who hate Arabs. But – and it is the big but that defines a stable, compassionate society – such hate is condemned, marginalized and not seen as a fit and proper part of Israeli society.

We are working towards minimizing the hate and the hateful in our midst. We despise incitement. We are striving for peace and toward breaking down barriers.

Palestinian society is working towards maximizing the hate and hateful in their society. Palestinian society glorifies incitement. Palestinian society is striving for war and towards breaking down the barriers that protect Israelis.

That is the reality. In the end, it truly does appear to be all about one thing: Jew hatred. And as I and many others have posted countless time before, until this stops, the prospects for a meaningful peace are a big fat zero.

Palestinian society has a problem

And that problem is not Israel.

That problem is itself.

The latest example of – to put it politely – that society’s bigotry, hatred, and immaturity – is in this Elder of Ziyon post:

The only publicly moderate Palestinian Arab resigns from his teaching job

The story is about Mohammed Dajani, “who visited Auschwitz with some of his students to withering criticism from his fellow Palestinian Arabs.” Because of that, he has lost his job.

Read that last sentence again. He lost his job because he went to Auschwitz with his students.

Look at this extract:

In May, Dajani met with Prof Sari Nusseibeh, the outgoing university president, and Dr Imad Abu Kishek, the incoming president, who assured him privately that they were committed to academic freedom at Al-Quds, that he had broken no university rules in taking his students to Auschwitz and that none of the university’s leadership supported the campaign to oust him from the university. Dajani says he decided to test their resolve by submitting his resignation so they could reject it and give him their public backing – but they didn’t come through.

In other words, his university colleagues did him in. They either condemned him behind his back, or lied to his face.

If you spot any Palestinian protests at the man’s treatment, let me know. Moderation? Forget it.

Palestinian society has a problem.