Rejoice, for the broken state of Palestinian politics is about to be fixed.

The Guardian reports (as told by Reuters) today:

Rejoice, we are told, for Hamas and Fatah have resolved their differences.

Strangely, there’s no mention of the previous announcements about such agreements. The previous twelve instances (at least) when Hamas and Fatah had sorted everything out. See here. The previous instances that came to nothing. Why will this one be any different? In short, it probably won’t. Instead it’s more likely the Palestinian leadership will continue its kleptocratic rule. But at last they won’t have to worry about the Guardian criticizing them.

No Israeli Offer Will Ever Be Good Enough

Man of something beginning with “p”. Source: Wikimedia

Abbas’ dreadful, spiteful, poisonous, antisemitic speech of hate should be seen as a true indication of the character of the man so enthusiastically promoted by many dreamers as a partner for peace. Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan have a better claim to that title. Unfortunately, the situation is now even more of a vacuum: there is no credible Palestinian partner for peace, and there is no credible Israeli alternative plan. If Bibi were a true statesman, this would be the time he would rise to the occasion. But I am not optimistic. It wouldn’t be easy, but – in the words of Dov Lipman – we have to try, because we need to be able to look our kids in the face and tell them we did at least that. The size of the challenge can be measured by this closing comment from the ever excellent David Horovitz in his article Abbas couldn’t make peace with the Jews; he believes his own lies about us:

“The UN can vote itself blue in the face against Israel. Foolish nations can unilaterally recognize Palestinian statehood — to the detriment of the Palestinians, since such “support” merely deepens their obduracy. But the only route to Palestinian independence runs via a negotiated settlement with Israel.

The Olmert offer of a decade ago showed how far Israel was prepared to go to partner the Palestinians to statehood. The despicable, tragic, self-defeating Abbas speech of Sunday night showed that so long as the Palestinians blind themselves to the fact of Israel’s legitimacy, no Israeli offer is going to be good enough.”

Note this key element:

“so long as the Palestinians blind themselves to the fact of Israel’s legitimacy”

If that analysis is right – and I am inclined to agree – where is the change in Palestinian attitudes going to come from? I cannot see it. Perhaps the ground level, grass-roots initiatives that (almost unbelievably) are working and building real connections between the communities, will create something. Beyond that, what else is there? Who can make the Palestinians see sense?

What do the Palestinians want?

The answer to the question ‘What do the Palestinians want?‘ depends on who you ask. However, in general terms, you might expect the response to be something along the lines of ‘Their own Palestinian state.’ But that is not a complete answer. Does it mean a Palestinian state beside Israel, or instead of Israel?

Careful as I try to be to separate the corrupt, inept, and poisonous Palestinian leadership throughout the ages, from the people they are supposed to represent, my assessment is that if the leadership truly wanted a state beside Israel, they could have had it a long, long time ago. They may not have been able to get 100% of what they want, but if they truly valued peace, and wanted to fulfill an ambition to have their own state, they would have and could have settled for (slightly) less because that is the way of the world. So, it appears to me, that the Palestinian leadership do not want a state beside Israel; they want to replace Israel. And when Bibi says there is no partner for peace, he is right.

The announcement by the Palestinian leadership of a renewed campaign against the Balfour declaration confirms the accuracy of what is said above. As David Horovitz puts it:

“In declaring diplomatic and legal war on the Balfour Declaration, Palestinian leaders are telling the world — to their and our enduring misfortune — that nothing has changed in 100 years, that their opposition to our state in any borders remains greater than their desire for their own independent entity. A century later, they are affirming that their refusal to share any part of this land with the Jewish people remains absolute.”

In short, what do the Palestinians want? They want to destroy Israel.

The Europeans have a lot to learn from Iran

According to this Times of Israel report:

European Commission announced Tuesday that it has approved a new assistance package for the Palestinian Authority worth $274.1 million.

In a press release, the Commission said the aid was the first part of a 2016 package, $184 million of which is set to be funneled directly to the PA, with a focus on education and health services, support for hospitals in East Jerusalem, and assistance to poor families.

The remaining $89 million will go to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in the Near East (UNRWA).

So, the Europeans have decided they want to support the Palestinians, and are going to do so by giving the PA a ton of money.

Compare and contrast with the Iranian approach, as reported on by the Elder of Ziyon:

Last week, Iran promised to pay $7000 cash to families of every terrorist killed by Israel and $30,000 more if Israel demolishes their homes, effectively creating a life insurance policy for terrorists. (After all, Iran has lots of discretionary funds lately.)

The PLO is outraged!

They don’t have a problem with the morality of paying to support terror, though. They are upset because Iran refuses to send them the money to distribute, and instead wants to pay the terror families directly.

Put to one side the rationale behind the donation of the money. Both the Europeans and Iran want to help the Palestinian people. The Europeans will pay the money to the Palestinian Authority. The Iranians won’t.

The Palestinian Authority criticized Iran on Saturday for comments made by its parliament international advisor, who said Iran would send funds to Palestinians families through its own channels rather than through the PA.

Earlier on Saturday, Hussein Sheikh al-Islam was quoted by website al-Resalah as saying that “experience has proven that the [Palestinian] Authority is not reliable, so Tehran will send the money in its own way.”

Unfortunately, donations that were sent to the Authority did not reach the right people,” al-Islam said.


As the Elder puts it:

As Iran started setting up a mechanism to have families apply for funding via a website, more Fatah officials are expressing their anger at not getting a cut.

It suggests, to put it mildly, that the Europeans couldn’t care less where the money goes. Accountability? Transparency? We know that does not exist in the PA. So, the Europeans shut their eyes and pretend everything is fine. It isn’t of course, and this money will – in the main – encourage the continued corrupt practices of a hateful, bigoted, poisonous regime. In this respect, sad to say, the Europeans have a lot to learn from Iran.

Some people can see better than others

Ynet has a decent story that offers a huge chunk of hope about the current security situation, and the future:

Why Jenin is staying out of current wave of terrorism

Jenin, once the home of suicide bombers, is now the quietest city in the West Bank. After 4 attempted attacks at the Jalamah checkpoint, the residents realized their economic prosperity could stop, and rushed to restore calm; ‘an attack at the checkpoint is an attack against us,’ says local businessman.

Continue reading

Pallywood in action

From Ynet:

A Palestinian source reported on Saturday that an Israeli had shot a six-year-old Palestinian boy, but according to the IDF who investigated the incident alongside Palestinian authorities, it was just a cover story to protect the boy’s brother.

The orginal [sic] report claimed the child was next [to] a road near Qalqilya, just over the West Bank barrier from Kfar Saba, where an Israeli driver stopped, shot him in the stomach and fled the scene.

The IDF initially rejected the report, saying that no Israelis had been involved, then later said the boy was wounded while playing with a gun owned by his brother, a Palestinian police officer.

According to the IDF, the family invented the story of an Israeli attacker to protect their older son and additionally to get a paycheck from the Palestinian Authority as victims of terror at the hands of Jewish settlers.

This is a classic combination nurtured and encouraged by the Palestinian leadership:

  • Blameless – Absolve yourself from all blame
  • Pallywood – Create a false narrative
  • Incitement – Make sure you blame the Jews – incite, incite, incite!
  • Professional Victim – Get paid for your woes

And if you live in a Western country, be aware: you are paying for this. You are encouraging it.

Two points to finish.

First, it’s worth reading the immediately following post alongside this one, for some important perspective about where the incitement leads.

Second, the next time there’s a claim by the Palestinians of violence against them, remember this incident. It’s generally safer to be a cynic about such stories.

The Palestinians’ biggest problem – and it’s not Israel

There must be a blue moon in the sky…

Somebody in the western media is telling its readers what the situation truly is:

“Meanwhile Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan continue to have problems with the Palestinians. While Arabs do not like to discuss this openly, everyone acknowledges that the biggest problem the Palestinians have is the corruption of their own leaders. Because of the corruption their leaders try to keep people focused on the effort to destroy Israel.”

And is it difficult to get the crowd wound up?

“But it’s easy to get young (especially teenage males) Palestinians fired up because these kids have been raised with Arab media that constantly praises violence against non-Moslems (and especially Israelis) as an admirable and worthy activity.”

At this point the writer is being coy; for “Israelis” read “Jews.”

And how extensive is this media campaign?

“That includes extensive children’s programming on TV for kids of all ages. This is an absurd situation and Israel is making little headway in persuading its critics in the West that the Palestinians do not want peace. What Palestinian internal propaganda (in Palestinian media and in speeches by officials) has been saying for decades and still says is that the Palestinian objective is the destruction of Israel and the death or expulsion of all Jews from the Middle East.

Not a surprise to those of us who remain cynical. They want to destroy Israel. Do they all want that? No. Does it matter that it is not a unanimous view? No. Does it make peace impossible? Almost. I am very pessimistic – though I believe we have to try, really strive for it – and wished there were more positive signs within Palestinian Society.


“More radical Palestinians (and many other Arabs) not only call for all non-Moslems to be killed or expelled but act on that wherever possible (like Syria, Iraq and Egypt.) Pro-Palestinian Westerners keep making up excuses to explain away this religious bigotry but that is wearing thin as the death toll mounts and the Israelis publicize (in detail) the Palestinian media exhortations to violence.”

For me, the excuses by western apologists have never been anything other than meaningless drivel. I don’t see these excuses wearing thin with the people holding the power – hello, Obama! – but maybe I am too close to see it. Maybe there is, under the surface, some recognition.

In short, as said before, there is a material problem of antisemitism and related incitement in Palestinian Society, in official and unofficial media. That is one of the biggst obstacles to peace. This author says the obstacle is there so that the leadership can create a diversion from its own corruption. Probably that’s right. Who will stop it? Who will ridicule the Emperor’s new clothes?

Read the whole thing, here.

If the story doesn’t fit, ignore it

That must be the explanation.

What else could it be.

Of what am I talking?

This, from the Times of Israel:

Israel’s defense minister on Monday accused the Palestinian Authority of failing to implement a deal that would have placed PA presidential guards at the border crossings in and out of Gaza after the 50-day war in the region last summer, enabling the easing of the blockade on the Strip.

“We tried after [Operation] Protective Edge, with Egyptian agreement, to facilitate the entry of the PA into the Strip, but they didn’t want it,” Moshe Ya’alon said in a videotaped address to the annual conference of the INSS — the Institute for National Security Studies.

Egypt, he said, “treats Hamas as a hostile element, even as enemies,” and therefore it was clear that the only way to allow the more open transfer of goods and people in and out of Gaza to Israel and Egypt would be through the stationing of PA troops at the border crossings.

“We created a three-way mechanism — the [Israeli] Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, the Palestinian prime minister, and the UN representative Robert Serry. What’s left of that today? The coordinator and Robert Serry. The Palestinians ran away! They are good at accusing us at the UN and the Security Council and the ICC. But when it comes time to take responsibility, they are nowhere, and this was not the first time.

The blockade. The one that Israel haters scream abuse about. The one that Israel offered to ease (despite the risk to itself). That blockade. It seems like the Palestinian leadership has no interest in doing the right thing for its people. Shame on it.

Shame also on the mainstream (non Israeli) media that deem this not newsworthy. Of course it’s newsworthy; it’s just that it does not fit with the party line of Israel bad, Palestinians good.

Another point to note for future reference the next time your nearest and dearest Israel haters start to go on about the blockade. Tell them to contact Abbas. He has some explaining to do.

Why June 13th?

"What a difference a day makes. Twenty four little hours." [Source: Wikimedia]

“What a difference a day makes. Twenty four little hours.” [Source: Wikimedia]

Palestine is accepting the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (the ICC) with retrospective application from 13 June 2014.

When I heard that it was backdated, I thought the timing was familiar. The Elder has confirmed it:

Why is the application requesting it to be effective retroactively to June 13, 2014?

Because on June 12, 2014, Palestinian Arab terrorists kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teens, Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrah, from the supposed territory of “Palestine” which they claim to be part of “Palestine.”

Which is a war crime under the Rome Statute.

So Mahmoud Abbas is saying that the application should only be retroactive to June 13, when Israeli forces started to frantically look for the teens still hoped to be alive. Because he isn’t interested in justice – but he is interested in protecting his Hamas partner from being indicted for a war crime that they brag about..

The cynicism is breathtaking.

Not that Mahmoud Abbas is alone in this cynical use of dates to frame Israel as being guilty of war crimes without context.

The exact same thing was done by William Schabas, chair of the UNHRC investigation into the events of last summer – a mandate that explicitly excludes the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens but that includes Israel’s response to the kidnappings by choosing to only investigate events from June 13th. .

Cynicism is one way of describing the timing. It’s unprincipled, and hateful.

How many of Palestine’s supporters will acknowledge there is even an issue? How many will call on Abbas to change the date to June 12th – or earlier? How many? None.


Yes, what a surprise. I mean, everyone’s got to have been bowled over and shocked to the core by these events:

Palestinians have wasted €2 billion in aid

My comment: you can probably say at least €2 billion in aid

Hamas used 500 tons of cement for underground passage – a ‘terror tunnel’ from Gaza to Israel

My comment: remind me again why we should be sending any non essential supplies into Gaza*?

Next up: what bears do in woods..

*By the way chaps, I though this Hamas quote from the BBC coverage was a cracker:

Gaza’s Hamas rulers accused Israel of “exaggerating things”.