Guess who’s paying for Gaza’s electricity?

You cannot have failed to see the angst in the media about the poor Gazans due to have their electricity cut off because Hamas refused to pay for it, and the PA wasn’t going to either. You cannot have failed to notice that, with some honorable exceptions, Israel was blamed. If you ever wanted another fine example of how the West (in particular) treats the Palestinian people and their leadership as immature and unable to determine their own way in life, the electricity supply narrative is as good as any. Hamas isn’t responsible for the electricity supply. The PA isn’t responsible for the electricity supply. Neither of them has any obligation to look after their people, or pay for the electricity they consume. Or so they say. What nonsense. Would any other group of people be treated in such a manner? Of course not. It only works when you can blame the damn Jews Zionists.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the crisis. The electricity supply wasn’t turned off. Why? Because, as the Elder reports, Israel is paying for it.

Think about it for a moment: a people who hate us, who are incited daily to hate us more, and kill us at every opportunity, and yet we supply electricity to them when we have no obligation, moral or otherwise. And, since the situation does not fit the narrative, this is not reported. Arguably, that failure to report by bastions of anti-Israel hate like the Guardian, the BBC and – of course – Haaretz – is as much incitement against Israel as anything Hamas and the PA get up to. But it is a guilt and trouble free incitement with no downside. By their actions, these media outlets are complicit in stoking the fires of anti-Israel feeling. They are, indeed, the enemy.

Arafat is still locking them up


Click the graphic to get to the complete Times of Israel story.

Note this extract:

“This would not be the first time in recent months that West Bank Palestinians are silenced for crossing the line of political correctness. In February, a cartoon supposedly depicting the Prophet Mohammed was removed from the website of official Palestinian daily al-Hayat al-Jadidah, with PA President Mahmoud Abbas ordering an inquiry into the incident.”

Political correctness? More like dictatorial censorship.

Incidentally, so far it’s gone unreported by the BBC and the Guardian.

We had nothing to do with it

From the Times of Israel report about a court action by terrorist victims against the PLO and PA, now ongoing in Manhattan:

PLO lawyer in US: Suicide bombers acted for own ‘crazy reasons’

Trial kicks off in New York over $1 billion terrorism lawsuit against Palestinian organizations

Now, it’s a while since I was a lawyer, but my antennae stood to attention when I read the headlines. It’s seriously being suggested that the suicide bombers acted on their own?

Here’s some more from the report:

A lawyer for the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority told a jury at the start of a civil trial Tuesday that the groups are not to blame for terror attacks in Israel.

Attorney Mark Rochon said in his opening statement that seven attacks from 2001 to 2004 were carried out by suicide bombers and gunmen “acting on their own angry, crazy reasons.”

He said the organizations are victims of guilt by association with terrorists who are not defendants in a lawsuit brought on behalf of victims. The $1 billion lawsuit was filed in 2004 to hold the organizations responsible for seven shooting and bombings in or near Jerusalem that killed 33 people and wounded hundreds more, including scores of US citizens.

Do you find that a persuasive argument? It seems illogical to me, and to fly in the (wounded) face of common sense. I imagine most of us can accept that some acts of terrorism could be the acts of loners. They might be incited by a terror organization – for example, to stab a passing Israeli, or drive a car at pedestrians. However, a suicide bomber needs one thing 99.9% of people do not have access to, nor the ability to manufacture: a bomb. The suggestion that these suicide bombers were all chemistry superstars working in glorious – angry – isolation, is laughable. It’s offensive. (But, hey, that’s some courtroom lawyers for you.)

It appears from the report, that the people making the claim anticipated this line of argument:

…attorney Kent Yalowitz urged jurors in a packed courtroom to hold the Palestinian organizations liable for the killings.

He brought an 11-year-old lawsuit to life with victims of the terror attacks looking on, introducing some of them to jurors and saying they were they were victimized by suicide bombings sanctioned by the PLO.

“The evidence will show that killing civilians was standard operating procedure for the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority,” he said.

Payroll records show that the Palestinian Authority “embraced these crimes” by continuing to pay security officials who organized the attacks, even after they were convicted of murder, he said.

I don’t think planning, directing, and lauding terror acts is guilt by association. And then there’s the wages of death paid to convicted murderers.

In one sense, this situation mirrors the behavior of the PA (and Abbas, and Hamas) in dealings with the outside world: say one thing in Arabic which is pro terror and incitement, then say something completely different in English.

The PA might just be getting a foretaste of what being a member of the ICC will bring them, and that taste may be bitter indeed.

The full report is here.

Calling all journalists

From YNET:

Abbas threatens to dismantle Palestinian Authority
PA president’s proposal to declare West Bank under occupation would annul Oslo Accords, leave Israel with full responsibility over Palestinians.

The era of the two-state solution may soon be rocked by a decision that could signal its demise. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is mulling the merits of a proposal to dismantle the Palestinian Authority, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday morning.

Palestinian sources confirm that the government in Ramallah was considering the unprecedented move. Senior sources in the IDF’s Central Command, who recently met with the heads of the Palestinian security services confirmed their West Bank counterparts were sincerely debating dismantling and disarming the PA’s forces.

I read that and thought, he’s done this before. This is not new. Why isn’t this pointed out? Am I going mad?

Minutes of browsing, courtesy of the irreplaceable Elder of Ziyon, produced the following. Abbas made the same threat in

  • December 2012
  • December 2010
  • November 2009
  • September 2008
  • July 2008
  • June 2007

Where are the real journalists who do things like fact checking?

As for the threat, isn’t this the same PA that has just applied to join several international bodies? How stupid does that make him look if he meant it?

This threat is a nonsense – like much of Abbas posturing – so when will somebody call him on it?

Time to pay the bills

According to the Times of Israel, as anticipated, Israel is (finally) exercising its right.

Israel will withhold NIS 450 million in tax revenues that were to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority and use the money to offset debts to Israel, Israel’s finance minister said Sunday.

The move will likely be seen as a punitive measure against the Palestinians for their successful bid Thursday to upgrade their status at the United Nations to nonmember observer state.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz confirmed that he would hold back NIS 450 million to offset a NIS 800 million debt owed by the PA to the Israel Electric Corporation.

Israel had threatened before the vote to take measures against the Palestinians, listing the withholding of tax money to offset the electricity debt as an example. The approval of 3,000 housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank over the weekend was also seen as a response to the UN upgrade. That move has been widely condemned as damaging the peace process

The Palestinian Authority owes over NIS 1 billion to Israel, according to Israel Radio.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s diplomatic advisor Nimar Hamad called the Israeli decision “theft.” He said that the issue of Palestinian tax monies had nothing to do with the UN move and that he hopes the Arab states will make good on their pledge to transfer $100 million to the Palestinian Authority.

“The provocation is by the Palestinians,” Steinitz told Channel 10 news on Sunday morning, saying that the PA was attempting “to promote a state without recognizing Israel, demilitarization or security arrangements.”

Two weeks before the UN vote, Stenitz said that Israel would not collect taxes on the Palestinians’ behalf, nor deliver the money to the PA or assist Ramallah in economic matters, if the Palestinians insisted on seeking nonmember observer state status at the UN.

Despite economic leaps in the last several years, the Palestinian economy is still largely beholden to foreign aid and tax revenue collected by Israel. The lack of tax money for a month will likely hurt Ramallah’s ability to pay worker salaries or provide other services.

Steinitz also dismissed the UN’s decision to grant the PA nonmember observer status. “There will be no Palestinian state until Israel is recognized as a Jewish state with a resolution ending the conflict. Israel will not allow Judea and Samaria to become a terrorist base from which rockets launched at Israeli cities.”

How long before the west applies pressure to Israel to release the money? I hope we tell them to go forth and multiply.

Time to pay the bills?

The Jerusalem Post has one (no doubt of many, here and elsewhere) analysis article about the forthcoming PA publicity stunt resolution before the United Nations General Assembly. Entitled Jerusalem to take ‘low profile’ approach to PA UN move, it includes this interesting detail:

The senior diplomatic official said that as a result of the Palestinian move, Israel would stick punctiliously to the letter of the agreements it has signed, including the 1994 Paris Protocol mandating economic relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Under that protocol, Israel can withhold tax money it collects for the PA to pay for goods and services Israel provides it.

The PA owes more than NIS 800 million to the Israel Electric Corporation, a debt that Jerusalem will now most likely withhold in the two upcoming monthly tax payments scheduled to the PA.

So, in the following months, when the PA bleats about being short of cash, you’ll know what lies behind their situation. How long after that will it be, before some Western countries press Israel to release the withheld money? Not long, I wager. However, I am hoping the PA is told to get lost.

I’m a demon

According to the Palestinian Authority, I am a demon. And worse.

If you can bear the sickening onslaught of Jew hatred – officially sanctioned Jew hatred – check out this overview of a Palestinian Media Watch report. Well done CiFWatch for publicizing this.

As I said a few days ago:

But while there are various types of anti-semitism, all are fueled by the mainstream Arab and Muslim media. Quite why the West doesn’t ‘get’ this is beyond me. Why the West doesn’t appreciate the ramifications is also beyond me. And, regardless of partisan politics in America, isn’t it time that the White House said: “No more.”

Out of touch on incitement

From the Jerusalem Post:

Palestinian incitement continuing unabated

D-G Kuperwasser hints that US is opposed to recreating incitement monitoring c’tee.

The US is currently opposed to the reestablishment of the long defunct Israeli-US-American committee to monitor incitement, Strategic Affairs Ministry director-general Yossi Kuperwasser intimated on Sunday.

In a briefing to reporters following a cabinet meeting where he brought the most recent “incitement index” to the ministers’ attention, Kuperwasser said both Israel and the Palestinians expressed a willingness to set up the committee, though “we don’t hang much hope on it.” A “third party,” whom he did not identify, but which was clearly the Americans, was not interested, he said.

Diplomatic officials said that the US did not feel that at this time, with the diplomatic process at a stalemate, the establishment of a committee to look at cases of incitement would serve a constructive purpose.

Let’s see if I have this right. While there is nothing happening about peace talks, there’s no point in looking at incitement? Er, come on guys. Maybe the incitement is why there is nothing happening about peace talks. Maybe? Just a teensy weensy bit of a contributing factor? Continue reading