Body Breaker – Mike Craven

The follow up to the passable Born in a Burial Gown, this is more of the same: a decent enough police procedural crime novel, with an interesting character at the core, a good measure of tension, a well constructed plot, and a shade too much telling rather than showing. It’s a level above what many would call an airport read, but there’s just something about the writing style that jars with me.

The action starts with the discovery of a severed hand on a golf course, and heats up with our hero policeman getting a visitor who stirs up memories of the past. and a view into the who, what, when, why, and where of the murder. If only he could figure out which way to go in the investigation.

For some, this detective will be so detective, they will not like the book at all. For others, that broken nature will be a main attraction. For me, it’s an interesting enough hook; unfortunately, I don’t see much more that will engage me long term.

Born in a Burial Gown – Mike Craven

This is a dark, atmospheric police procedural novel that features an interesting character, a passable setting, and a decent plot. The central character is Avison Fluke – when will we get a character called John? – a policeman who is facing his share of personal challenges. He built his house illegally, and is threatened with being made homeless. He is not in the best of health, but is hiding that for fear of losing his job. And he’s only back at work after an incident that involved him committing a serious crime. He is definitely a defective detective.

From here on, the book fairly rattles along. There are some good twists, and some decent writing. But there was a shade too much of the telling instead of showing.

However, overall, not bad, and worthy of a follow up.