A timely win

For this week’s session, I was initially joined by Amiram, John, and Roy.

We began with El Grande, an old and venerable classic game of area control.


I ran through a quick rules explanation – Amiram had not played it before – and off we went. After a couple of rounds, John went into the lead and never looked back. He would have to look long and hard over his shoulder, as he was in front by quite a margin. For most of the game, Roy was something of a challenger, and Amiram and I were fighting it out to avoid last place! Great fun, and it fairly moves along. Well done on the win, John.

Laurie joined us late and we switched to Metro.


This is a nifty tile laying game where you get points for connecting your stations to destinations. The longer the track, the more points. I explained the rules to all the other players, and play got underway.

Early scoring was bitty and conservative, as people took their time to get to grips with the game play. However, by the time we reached the mid game, everyone was keen to offer advice on tile placement so as to stab people in the back – mostly me! – and crush their spirit keep their score down.

Scoring was relatively close, with the lead switching between several of the players. However, Roy’s last connection was the top score and shot him into the winning position. Well done, Roy!

Session Report – 24 May 2011

First there were four

Take It Easy

Moshe, Shlomi, Peleg and I started the night with a game of Take It Easy, a light, easily accessible, tile playing game. The newcomers took to it well and Peleg and I were well beaten; Shlomi finished ahead of Moshe.

Then there were six


Abraham and Laurie joined us for a shot at the classic Medici. My first round was a disaster and I never recovered. Shlomi was in the same boat as me, just not quite as bad. Peleg worked away quietly, but in the last round lost out to some quietly effective play by Laurie and Moshe. These two finished second equal, with Abraham’s well-timed move taking him into the winning position. Well played Abraham. (He even had time to explain to Laurie about her options in one turn, which were to his detriment. Kol hakavod.)

We played another Knizia game: Formula Motor Racing which saw Shlomi win the first race, ahead of Abraham. Moshe won the second race ahead of Peleg. Overall joint winners were Moshe and Shlomi with Abraham and Peleg not that far behind.

Then there were five

Peleg had to leave at this point. Last up was Metro, a deceptively easy tile laying game that can also be cruel and unforgiving. Abraham and Moshe got into a bit of a tussle for the lead, but were so busy concentrating on each other, they forgot about everyone else and ended up last equal! Laurie and I managed a respectable score, but were well beaten by Shlomi. Well done, sir!

A good night’s gaming. Superb.