Memory and Books

I think upstream I mentioned that I was reading books by Michael Connelly (and others) that I had read before. For example, last week I finished reading Connelly’s The Poet. I know I’ve read it before because, apart from anything else, I remembered who the baddie was. The strange (or funny) aspect was that I could not remember anything else. No line of dialog, nor scene presented as something I had experienced before. It must be 20+ years since I read the book, and I guess my memory for that type of stuff isn’t as good as I thought it was.

On the other hand, when I moved on to Connelly’s The Narrows, I also couldn’t remember anything about it. Not a thing. Eventually, I realized why. A completely different reason. Although I loved Connelly’s books, 20 years back I wasn’t keeping up to date with new stuff other than by regularly browsing the local book shops. (Remember them?) I couldn’t remember any of it because I hadn’t read it before. I missed it. Wow. Maybe there are more Connelly books that I missed.

Nowadays, given the online marketing that publishers do, I doubt I’ll miss another Connelly book. I wonder if that’s a good or a bad thing.