The Rhythm Section – Mark Burnell

Most of Stephanie Patrick’s family dies in a plane crash. She descends into a personal hell, ending up as a working girl in Soho, London. Then an investigative reporter tells her the plane crash was no accident, but a terrorist attack. The book tracks her somewhat erratic journey from being collateral damage to a weapon of revenge.

On the plus side, the central character is interesting and challenging. Some of her behavior stretched credulity, but on the whole she made the book. The rest is populated by stereotypical cardboard characters and nothing you haven’t seen before. The backdrops are incidental. But, the pacing is good and there’s a fair old build up of tension.

Overall: not bad. As this was (I think) the author’s first outing, it may be worth looking at seeing if his later books were more mature.

Fun fact: the book has been made into a film. If IMDB is any guide, don’t waste your time watching it.