Steaming along

[Also posted at the Raanana Boardgames Group site.]

At this week’s session, the fab four (Abraham, Laurie, Ofer and Yehuda) started off with another game of Steam. ¬†Judging by the table talk, things were fairly tight until near the end, when Yehuda moved into the lead and stayed there and won. Ofer got some revenge for the past misdeeds of others by claiming second place. Just.

However, even with only four players, it was not a fast game, and I am not that excited about it to have to play it again. Certainly I would avoid a five or six player outing at all costs. It’s not only the length of the game I dislike, but the amount of downtime. ¬†Funnily enough, I think I prefer the complexity of Age of Steam over Steam, but doubt it will be faster. Maybe it’s the extra auction in Age of Steam which gives the impression of more player involvement.

Meantime, the top trio of Peleg, Rochelle and I played Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition. This is a neat variation on the TTR base game, with the addition of Passengers. Each player gets three Passengers and they can score points by travelling along routes to pick up points from cities. It’s an easy mechanic to pick up, and the game rattles along. I built a good network and scored the first Passenger with a mountain of points. Unfortunately, Peleg and Rocehlle ignored my strategy, followed their own, and crushed me. Rochelle – who was playing this for the first time – beat me by a barrow load of points. Peleg, did just that little bit better to claim the win.

As the fab four were still steaming along, Rochelle and I played Lost Cities and Battleline (several games) to keep ourselves occupied. Again, these were new to Rochelle, but she seemed to enjoy them. Surprisingly – to me – she preferred Lost Cities, though she had more success with Battleline.