The case of the missing editor

The following headline is from an article published online by the Jerusalem Post on 27 April, 2020.

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The charge against the Jerusalem Post is that it doesn’t edit articles properly before publication. You be the judge.

  • Excerpt one for the prosecution:

  • Excerpt two for the prosecution:

  • Excerpt three for the prosecution:

  • Excerpt four for the prosecution:

It’s a slam dunk, methinks. Absolutely shocking output from a supposedly professional news organization.

Letter of the week?

From today’s Jerusalem Post (letters section) comes this cracker:

The near-daily murderous attacks by Palestinian terrorists against Israeli soldiers and civilians demonstrates that the army and government are unable to keep the peace and guarantee the safety of Israelis, wherever they live.

Senior officials claim that there is no way to effectively combat this “knife intifada,” but I would beg to differ. As the violence between Israel and the Palestinians rages on, with no end in sight, the Palestinians and others have demanded that the United Nations take a more active role in order to stem the violence.

I could not agree more – the status quo is simply not sustainable, and it is high time we listened, for a change, to the international community.

To that end, I propose that the UN immediately commission and issue a report detailing the measures that Russia, Iran and Syria employ against terrorists operating in their respective countries. I am confident that if the UN makes Israel implement the report’s findings in their entirety, Palestinian terrorism will cease in record time, and calm and security will be permanently restored to our streets.



Israeli Cinema Favorites

Here’s a link to the Jerusalem Post‘s top ten films that played in Israel in 2014. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of local films on the list. The rest are of a type much lauded by typical cinema snobs, but unseen by many – including me. The composition of the list means I won’t be looking to the Post for any film recommendations. But tastes vary, so maybe these are more to your taste. And the composition also suggests the editors should have done a better job of presenting and describing the list as the non-Hollywood list, which is what it surely is.