The Ruin of Kings – Jenn Lyons

Warning: minor plot spoilers ahead!

This is the best fantasy I have read for a while, but it’s no easy read. Why? Well, characters have more than one name. Also, when people die, they can be brought back to life. And, if that weren’t enough for you, there’s at least one successful shapeshifter, several less than friendly nations who might or might not be ready for war, an unhealthy does of racism, souls that are enslaved, several magical amulets, a magical sword, and a gathering of demons and so-called gods fighting it out for power. (Quite how this power is to be attained and maintained is a topic of some misdirection and discussion.) So, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Th story, so far as you need to know, is about an adopted orphan (Kihrin) who – surprise! – may not be the powerless orphan he seems to be. But is he a hero or a villain? Is he destined to save the world or destroy it?

The novel has an amazing energy about it, and that energy can drain you as you follow along, especially with the incredible leaps of fame, fortune, and plot that the author weaves – skillfully it must be said – into the mix. I was exhausted when I finished it. I’m unsure if I have the stamina for the others in the series! I am sure, however, any fan of fantasy fiction will enjoy the book. This is a chunky, meaty slab of entertainment.