Under Fire – Again

During the last major Gaza conflagration, I was working in Yehud (near Ben Gurion Airport). On the single day that the missiles hit Yehud, I was working at home. Everyone wanted to know who my Hamas contact was.

Fast forward to the latest mini-war, and as the rockets rained down on Ra’anana and associated central belt cities, I was on a short break up north. It was quiet and there were neither missiles nor trouble. I have just returned from the north and I see the peace loving neighbors of Hizbullah have started firing rockets there. Quite a coincidence.

As you will have gathered, it’s important to maintain a sense of humor.

I did think about composing a long serious blog post putting right all the utter garbage most of the western media is putting out, but there seems little point. People will believe what they want to believe, sadly. Few will actually question the drivel on offer.

The fact the media lie, lie, and lie again – and I can point you to examples should you wish – is only part of the issue. They also mislead. And by doing so, alongside the arsonists disguised as human rights organizations, they fan the flames of war, of hatred, and of a bloodthirsty need to see more dead Jews. It’s almost as if they don’t like to be reminded of the long European tradition of Jew hatred. It’s almost as if it never went away. It’s almost as if the mask has slipped for good.

The Bottom Line

It sure isn’t the top line. You don’t get the western media spelling this out. You just get – in the main – excuses for terrorism and demonization of Israel.

Notice, we are talking about looking from the perspective of their leaders. It’s not clear what the ordinary Palestinian wants.

Is it time for SPINS?

It’s not just the Israelis who don’t want to see Ayatollah Atomica. Few of Iran’s neighbors are too enthusiastic about the idea. Neither is Europe which doesn’t particularly like the idea that the next time Salman Rushdie publishes a book that infuriates some holy beardo browsing the Guardian’s book reviews in between doses of Hashish, the furious Islamist book critics will be able to threaten a radioactive review.

For a refreshingly different (and well-written) look at the issue of Iranian nuclear scientists, I recommend the Sultan Knish blog’s post on the topic – The Society for the Protection of Iranian Nuclear Scientists (SPINS) which you can see here. I’m not endorsing the views expressed there, but certainly believe they deserve a wider audience.