Waltzing by the Guardian

What do you think is the top animated film? Well, according to the Guardian, it’s not Fantasia or Chicken Run. And it’s not Persepolis. (And forget the Lion King, the Incredibles, Toy Story and the Little Mermaid, none of which make the top ten.)

The top animated film is, of course, Waltz with Bashir, a fine piece of Israel bashing.┬áLet’s cut to the venom:

This extraordinary, hallucinatory animation by Israeli film-maker Ari Folman is the story of what he sees as his nation’s willed amnesia at the Sabra and Chatila massacres during the Lebanese civil war. The “Bashir” of the title is Lebanon’s internationally admired Phalangist leader Bashir Gemayel who was engaged in a tricky diplomatic and strategic dance with Israel, appearing to connive at the Israelis’ invasion of his country in 1982 to help drive out the Syrians and the PLO.

I have to hand it to these people. They really know how to pursue their One True Way.