Compare and Contrast

I have a recent post (here) about Fatah celebrating the killing of Jews.

Compare and contrast to this, from the Times of Israel:

PM blasts ‘shocking’ tape of wedding-goers feting Duma murders

Joining politicians from right and left condemning clip, Netanyahu says video shows ‘true face’ of far-right group, which poses ‘threat’ to Israel

e Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night denounced a “shocking” video clip showing far-right extremists celebrating the killings of the Dawabsha family, joining dozens of other politicians and public figures coming out against the taped incident.

Politicians from both sides of the political aisle strongly condemned the clip, aired by Channel 10, which shows revelers at the Jerusalem celebration waving knives, rifles, pistols and a Molotov cocktail during the wedding.

Amid the festivities, a photo of baby Ali Dawabsha, who was burned to death in the July 31 firebombing in the West Bank village of Duma, is shown being repeatedly stabbed.

“The shocking images broadcast tonight show the true face of a group that constitutes a threat to Israeli society and Israel’s security,” said Netanyahu. “We will not accept people who violate the state’s laws and do not see themselves as bound by them.”

The video “proves how important it is to have a strong Shin Bet for the sake of all of our security,” the prime minister added, referring to recent allegations of torture against the national security agency.

The report includes lots of condemnation from all parts of the Israeli political spectrum. You can read it for yourself here.

But compare and contrast with the Fatah incitement.

Does the Fatah incitement appear in the western media? No.

Will the Guardian cover it? No.

Will the BBC cover it. No?

Will CNN cover it? No

It will be ignored.

Will the western media cover the dreadful wedding celebration – the dance of death? Yes.

For example, it is already up at the Guardian.

There is no doubt; the western media are part of the problem.

In Fatah-Land, Murdering Jews Still Popular

The Elder of Ziyon has this:

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah celebrates Wednesday’s murderous terror attack

From the official Fatah Facebook page comes the message saying the two people who murdered Ofer Ben Ari and Rabbi Reuven Biermacher are “heroes” and “martyrs” who engaged in a “heroic operation” and who they say are now immortalized and filled with glory.

And here’s the graphic:


The Elder continues:

“The party led by Mahmoud Abbas is very excited that they managed to kill a couple of Jews.

I want to stress that yet again, I cannot find a single Arabic-language voice under PA rule – not one op-ed, not one article – that finds murdering Jews to be anything less than heroic.”

In Fatah-Land – the country into which billions of dollars of western aid flows, with minimal oversight as to its expenditure – killing Jews is still popular; something to be celebrated, something heroic, something to be proud of. And the west sticks its collective head in the sand and sees no problem – except with Israel.

This is one reason alone, one significant reason for sure, that when western politicians or armchair experts, critics or whatever, tell Israel what to do, they are not speaking from a position of strength. Instead, by continuing to ignore the hatred, they are speaking from a position of being terror supporters and enablers. In this case, he who pays the piper seems to have no interest in the tune being played. Such people have no standing in our eyes.

The media plays its part. It is a scandal – a total dereliction of professional standards and integrity – for western media like the BBC, Guardian, CNN, and so on, that they do not report the facts about the situation. There is no excuse. They are facilitating the ongoing incitement.

UNRWA doesn’t care about antisemitism or incitement

OK, so we store a few rockets in some of our schools - but only some. And, OK, every other employee is a card carrying member of a terrorist group. And, yes, our staff are seeped in antisemitism, just like our schools. But none of that matters, because the UN backs us. So go away and leave us alone.

OK, so we store a few rockets in some of our schools – but only some. And, OK, every other employee is a card carrying member of a terrorist group. And, yes, our staff are seeped in antisemitism, just like our schools. But none of that matters, because the UN backs us. So go away and leave us alone.

The incomparable Elder of Ziyon keeps on coming up with out and out Jew hatred and similar bile promoted by UNRWA people. And UNRWA pretends that nothing is wrong. See the latest Elder of Ziyon posting on this shocking state of affairs, here.

As the Elder says:

“I have plenty more examples in the queue, and I’m finding more all the time. If UNRWA really cared, they could find them before I do.

But they don’t care.”

Of course, if UNRWA really cared – or cared at all – they would do more than root out the material on display; they would instigate an investigation, publish the results, discipline the offenders, sack the management responsible, apologize, and go through their existing educational and cultural material with a fine tooth comb, to eliminate the poison.

But, knowing I am repeating myself, UNRWA doesn’t care.

Oh, and as for the Western media, although the UNRWA topic is slightly different, Dry Bones gets it right.

Acid test

Source: Simon James via Wikimedia

Source: Simon James via Wikimedia

If ever there were an acid test about the independence and objectivity of the BBC (stop laughing at the back!) this is it.

If ever there were an acid test of how seriously the Guardian treats antisemitism (enough already with the laughing!) this is it.


The unbelievable, but indisputably true story that UNRWA is riddled with antisemitic and terror inciting employees and officials. It’s a story documented at length by the incomparable Elder of Ziyon, backed up by a recent home run from UN Watch, and has had some (so far, limited) mainstream media coverage. You can see a couple of samples of the cases here, and here.

What we have, therefore, are multiple sightings of UNRWA officials on social media, posting bigoted, antisemitic material, and celebrating, marking, noting, enjoying, and encouraging attacks on Jews and Israelis. UNRWA – funded by your money and mine. UNRWA – a UN body, is employing and protecting haters and inciters. For sure it’s a story of interest.

Chris Gunness, UNRWA spokesman, claims it’s a non story. I find that stance an appalling abrogation of responsibility. It’s a cross between sticking your head in the sand, and having your backside speak for you – crap, crap, and more crap. What he should have done was admit there was an issue. What he should have done was investigate each and every case. What he should have done was publish the results. Transparency. Accountability. Honesty. It appears these words are not in the UNRWA dictionary.

So, why doesn’t the BBC cover this?

So, why doesn’t the Guardian cover this?

My own theory is that it does not fit their worldview, and to publicize the existence of such endemic hatred and incitement would threaten much of the pillar of nonsense they promulgate about the Middle East.  In other words, the BBC, the Guardian, and UNRWA see themselves as being on the same side. Guess who is on the ‘other’ side?

But there is no good reason for their failure. Therefore, even if my guess is wrong, that neither changes nor excuses a single bit of their collective failure.

It’s a despicable state of affairs, which serves to illustrate in stark terms how bad the BBC has become, and how bad the Guardian continues to be.

The Palestinians’ biggest problem – and it’s not Israel

There must be a blue moon in the sky…

Somebody in the western media is telling its readers what the situation truly is:

“Meanwhile Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan continue to have problems with the Palestinians. While Arabs do not like to discuss this openly, everyone acknowledges that the biggest problem the Palestinians have is the corruption of their own leaders. Because of the corruption their leaders try to keep people focused on the effort to destroy Israel.”

And is it difficult to get the crowd wound up?

“But it’s easy to get young (especially teenage males) Palestinians fired up because these kids have been raised with Arab media that constantly praises violence against non-Moslems (and especially Israelis) as an admirable and worthy activity.”

At this point the writer is being coy; for “Israelis” read “Jews.”

And how extensive is this media campaign?

“That includes extensive children’s programming on TV for kids of all ages. This is an absurd situation and Israel is making little headway in persuading its critics in the West that the Palestinians do not want peace. What Palestinian internal propaganda (in Palestinian media and in speeches by officials) has been saying for decades and still says is that the Palestinian objective is the destruction of Israel and the death or expulsion of all Jews from the Middle East.

Not a surprise to those of us who remain cynical. They want to destroy Israel. Do they all want that? No. Does it matter that it is not a unanimous view? No. Does it make peace impossible? Almost. I am very pessimistic – though I believe we have to try, really strive for it – and wished there were more positive signs within Palestinian Society.


“More radical Palestinians (and many other Arabs) not only call for all non-Moslems to be killed or expelled but act on that wherever possible (like Syria, Iraq and Egypt.) Pro-Palestinian Westerners keep making up excuses to explain away this religious bigotry but that is wearing thin as the death toll mounts and the Israelis publicize (in detail) the Palestinian media exhortations to violence.”

For me, the excuses by western apologists have never been anything other than meaningless drivel. I don’t see these excuses wearing thin with the people holding the power – hello, Obama! – but maybe I am too close to see it. Maybe there is, under the surface, some recognition.

In short, as said before, there is a material problem of antisemitism and related incitement in Palestinian Society, in official and unofficial media. That is one of the biggst obstacles to peace. This author says the obstacle is there so that the leadership can create a diversion from its own corruption. Probably that’s right. Who will stop it? Who will ridicule the Emperor’s new clothes?

Read the whole thing, here.

A slip of the blame

Credit to the Guardian for establishing a live report on this morning’s terror attack. Unfortunately, it was blighted momentarily by this:


They got the headline wrong. It has since been corrected.

Inevitably, Hamas have praised the attack. They claim it is in retaliation for the lynching of an Arab bus driver earlier in the week. The police say the bus driver’s death was suicide. I do not know any reason to doubt the police. However, for the avoidance of doubt, if it were a lynching, that would be a despicable crime and the perpetrators should be hunted down and subject to the full force of the law. But even if it were a lynching, in no way, shape or form does that justify or excuse this morning’s attack.

There will be plenty of blame to go around. If the media – and western politicians – were being honest, they would own up to the root cause being incitement. Incitement by Hamas, but also by Abbas and Fatah. Incitement that has almost entirely been ignored. Kerry’s condemnation is to be welcomed, but it’s late; very late.

It would be good if this were the last such attack. I’m praying that this is the case, and for a full and speedy recovery for the surviving victims.

Quote of the week

“When I’m told about the security answer in Judea and Samaria, and when they talk about satellites, drones and technologies, I say, ‘guys, you’re wrong.’ The principal problem is education. If in Nablus and Jenin they continue to educate the young generation as it is being educated today, to idolize terrorism and jihad, and that the Jewish people have no right to this land, if this is how they’re educated, than technology stops nothing,” he said. “If the education does not change, we’ll have the same pressure from the inside. And then there will be a Hamastan in Judea and Samaria, like in Gaza. It’ll hurt us, it’ll hurt Jordan and it’ll hurt other interests in the area.”

So said Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, speaking on Monday at an economic conference, referring to proposals by US Secretary of State John Kerry to replace Israel’s security presence on the ground in the West Bank with technological solutions such as an array of advanced remote surveillance devices. In other words, the scheme suggested we replace soldiers with sensors. (As reported by the Jerusalem Post.)

When Ya’alon says “education”, he means indoctrination: the teaching of hate and bigotry, and the general incitement that dominates Palestinian media. I’ve mentioned it before. (For example, herehere and here.) Unfortunately, it’s a long neglected issue. So much so that, if the peace talks do fail, even though few are likely to say so, the failure to grasp the nettle of incitement will be one of the root causes. If Israel suffers from the failure of the talks, ironically it will be a victory for Israel haters we can put down to the West’s failure to recognize, prioritize, and deal with that incitement.

It’s the incitement, stupid

From David Pollock, via Fathom:

Even as Israeli-Palestinian peace talks begin again, official Palestinian Authority (PA) media are still broadcasting girls singing about Jews as ‘the sons of apes and pigs,’ and still paying effusive tribute to Palestinian terrorists convicted for murdering Israeli civilians. To get these negotiations started, Israel agreed to release over one hundred such prisoners; but the Palestinian government continues to glorify them as heroes, offering them as role models for the next generation. If this kind of incitement keeps up, how can Israel reasonably take risks for peace – and how could any peace agreement endure?

The start of peace talks makes it all the more urgent to examine incitement and related inflammatory rhetoric – what would be referred to in the United States or Britain as hate speech – in the official public record of the PA. In recent years that record reveals relatively few high-level expressions of religious hatred, but numerous official messages that nonetheless run counter to the goal of peace. Addressing the problem of incitement now, at the start of this current peace effort, will help promote an atmosphere of good will and improve the chances of success in the negotiations.

I wouldn’t argue against what the author says. I have been saying for a while that incitement against Israel and Jews is a major barrier to peace, but Western politicians and media seem to be largely in denial. So, maybe material like this will help change the situation.

You can read the whole thing, here.

[First seen at Harry’s Place.]

I can see clearly now

Here’s a piece of poetry for you:

“Oh, you who murdered Allah’s pious prophets
Oh, you who were brought up on spilling blood
You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship.
Oh Sons of Zion, oh most evil among creations
Oh barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs.”

No surprise, at least to me, that it’s from an official PA broadcast. The Times of Israel has the details here.

It’s out and out anti-semitism; bigotry and hatred, pure and simple. Incitement. And all the usual suspects – the BBC, the Guardian, the so-called Human Rights organizations – are as silent as the grave.

How long would it take, do you think, for a reaction if I posted an equivalent piece about Muslims? It would be wrong, and I would never do it. But the double standards are starkly clear for all to see. (Or, in the case of the usual suspects, are clear not to see.)

There will be a blue moon in the sky…

I have posted before about anti-semitic incitement (for example, here) but the recent exposure of a certain President Morsi’s contribution to the hate fest has brought the topic – at least temporarily – into focus. So, it’s no surprise that the Elder of Ziyon produces a damning post about this.

First, his opening quote sets the scene:

One of the more interesting observations about the current kerfuffle over Morsi being caught calling Jews “apes and pigs” is that this rhetoric is mainstream not only in the Muslim Brotherhood – but by the so-called “moderate” Palestinian Authority.

You know, the people that the UN just overwhelmingly decided were deserving of a state.

The Elder then lists a few examples of their continuing incitement.

You should read the whole thing. But, if nothing else, please note his powerful, and persuasive conclusion:

For those who try to argue that these are not representative of Palestinian Arabs as a whole, I have only one request: Find me a news story showing Arabs protesting against any single one of these expressions of Jew-hatred. Find me a columnist in a PA newspaper who criticize these broadcasts. Find me an organization in the territories that fights anti-semitism. Prove that these are the exception, and not the rule.

You can’t.

If the Elder is right – and I think he is – what do you think are the chances of this situation changing anytime in the near future? Certainly, if the USA and Europe continue to ignore the topic as if it were of no significance, there’s no chance short of a miracle happening.

The more important question: please explain to me how you fashion a meaningful peace solution with one party so full of hate? Hate that is regularly topped up. Hate that the West gives a relatively free pass to.

You can’t.