In Country


Also newly arrived is Strategy & Tactics #281, complete with the game In Country, a look at the Vietnam War. It’s another Joseph Miranda design, with two maps, two countersheets, and a slightly intimidating 32 pages of rules. The introduction says it offers 1965, 1968, 1970 scenarios and a campaign game. However, I could not see the 1970 version… Anyway, this is another game where Fog of War is key, but in comparison with Decision Iraq, the subject matter here is more interesting and it’s more likely I will try and play it; maybe even hunt down an opponent!

As well as a supporting article on that war, the magazine includes Christopher Perello’s look at whether the Rebels could have won at Gettysburg, Ray Starman’s feature on the bloody battle of Iwo Jima, and David Higgins’ description of the naval battle of Actium, touted as the end of the Roman Republic. There are short filler pieces as well.

However, what stands out for me is the general high quality of the graphical look and feel of the magazine. I don’t know what has been going on at Decision Games, but their output has seen some terrific improvements in that area. The layout is clean. There are plenty of good maps. The graphics are sharp and appropriate. It all looks good. Well done Decision. I will read the magazine from cover to cover, even if playing the game may have to wait for more leisure rich times!