And the winner is…

Over at Honest Reporting, they have announced this year’s award for Dishonest Reporter of the Year.

Go here to see their award announcement if you do not already know, and want to avoid the spoiler.

For present purposes, I will simply say two things:

  • The award is fully deserved.
  • The people involved at the BBC, and their management, should take this is a(nother) wake up call. They won’t.



O Jerusalem

All credit to Honest Reporting for persisting in the fight to call the Guardian to account for their ridiculous assertion that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. Although the UK’s Press Complaints Commission – a classic example of non functioning self-regulation – rejected the complaint by Honest reporting, our resolute soulmates refused to give in. They went to court to raise proceedings for Judicial Review. (Translation: “Oy, judge, sort this lot of idiots out, would you?”) The Guardian surrendered, though not exactly graciously, and gave up on the idea that Tel Aviv was Israel’s capital. Jerusalem however, has still not been restored as Israel’s capital in the Guardian’s Style Guide, but that will probably not happen until hell freezes over. The PCC have still to sort out their end.

Go here for the Honest Reporting article from which I offer this extract, being a statement by Honest Reporting’s CEO Joe Hyams:

This correction is a significant achievement against a newspaper that has been a major contributor to the broader delegitimization of Israel in the UK and beyond.

It is shocking that it has taken the threat of legal action to reverse a decision that was not based on reality. Nonetheless, it was vital that HonestReporting took on The Guardian and the PCC as a matter of principle, particularly at a time when Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital is increasingly being called into question by the media.

Now that The Guardian has admitted that it was wrong, we call on the PCC to issue a new ruling categorically stating that Tel Aviv is not Israel’s capital so that it is clear to the British media that it will not be allowed to repeat this error.

Well done Honest Reporting.