Guess who’s paying for Gaza’s electricity?

You cannot have failed to see the angst in the media about the poor Gazans due to have their electricity cut off because Hamas refused to pay for it, and the PA wasn’t going to either. You cannot have failed to notice that, with some honorable exceptions, Israel was blamed. If you ever wanted another fine example of how the West (in particular) treats the Palestinian people and their leadership as immature and unable to determine their own way in life, the electricity supply narrative is as good as any. Hamas isn’t responsible for the electricity supply. The PA isn’t responsible for the electricity supply. Neither of them has any obligation to look after their people, or pay for the electricity they consume. Or so they say. What nonsense. Would any other group of people be treated in such a manner? Of course not. It only works when you can blame the damn Jews Zionists.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the crisis. The electricity supply wasn’t turned off. Why? Because, as the Elder reports, Israel is paying for it.

Think about it for a moment: a people who hate us, who are incited daily to hate us more, and kill us at every opportunity, and yet we supply electricity to them when we have no obligation, moral or otherwise. And, since the situation does not fit the narrative, this is not reported. Arguably, that failure to report by bastions of anti-Israel hate like the Guardian, the BBC and – of course – Haaretz – is as much incitement against Israel as anything Hamas and the PA get up to. But it is a guilt and trouble free incitement with no downside. By their actions, these media outlets are complicit in stoking the fires of anti-Israel feeling. They are, indeed, the enemy.

Hamas tunnels are deadly – for Hamas!

Well, well, well. The Jerusalem Post reports as follows:

Hamas operatives are afraid to enter underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip, fearing that they will collapse, The Jerusalem Post has learned from Palestinian sources.

In addition, some of the operatives digging the tunnels believe that Israel was involved in at least some of the recent tunnel collapses that claimed the lives of several Hamas men.

The most recent collapse occurred on Thursday afternoon when a tunnel collapsed in Khan Younis, killing one Hamas operative. The collapse marked the sixth such tunnel collapse in recent months – the highest number of collapses to have occurred since summer 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.

Now, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that some of the tunnel collapses have been due to weather, or other elements. But there are also persistent rumors here, of army units active on the Gaza border, and focusing on the tunnel threat. The report may be a bit of psychological warfare, too, but whichever way you look at it, all these collapses and casualties are the worst of news for Hamas. What worries me is how they react to having – apparently – one of their main terror threats snuffed out.

Read the complete JP report, here.


Take a seat

You should be sitting down when you read this from the New York Times:

Red Cross Offers Workshops in International Law to Hamas

Yes, you read that correctly. Still sitting down? Then read on:

GAZA CITY — A new training regimen for fighters in Hamas’s armed wing employs slide presentations and a whiteboard rather than Kalashnikov rifles and grenades. The young men wear polo shirts instead of fatigues and black masks. They do not chant anti-Israel slogans, but discuss how the Geneva Conventions governing armed conflict dovetail with Islamic principles.

The three-day workshop, conducted last month by the International Committee of the Red Cross, followed numerous human-rights reports accusing both Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza, of war crimes in their devastating battle last summer, and came as the International Criminal Court prosecutor conducts a preliminary inquiry into that conflict.

It was clear during the opening session that the Red Cross would face a steep climb to convince militant Islamists that international law should govern their resistance against Israel.

Steep climb? Does that qualify as the understatement of the year? There’s as much chance of Hamas conforming to any legal standards of making war, as there is of them participating in next year’s Tel Aviv Gay Pride march. Come to think of it, there’s more chance we will see Hamas in pink in Tel Aviv, than we will see them give up their terrorist operational methods. The rationale is in the article, though it is not presented as such:

But Red Cross leaders say they have seen an increasing commitment from Hamas leaders and linemen alike, if only because they now consider their international image a critical component of their struggle.

Hamas’ international image – or the image they want the world to see – is dead civilians, especially children, killed by Israel. Meantime, the brave fighters want to be able to add a new byline: and we follow international law! If you want further indication of how much this is pure propaganda, consider:

Mamadou Sow, who heads Red Cross operations in Gaza, said that in April he presented a critique of Hamas’s conduct during the 2014 hostilities to its top political and military leaders, and that they “welcomed it” and “indicated that they are a learning organization.” He said they also “challenged us to keep in mind the topology of the Gaza Strip,” one of the most densely populated patches on the planet.

There are two big lies there.

The first big lie is that there is plenty of open space in the Gaza Strip. Hamas choose to setup and fight alongside civilians. They knowingly and deliberately put their people at risk.

The second big lie, repeated so often by unquestioning journalists, is that Gaza is “one of the most densely populated patches on the planet.” The last time I checked, it couldn’t make the world’s top ten list of crowded places. But it is a convenient lie, and it seems to be an enduring one.

On the plus side, a discerning reader will note some of Hamas’ fatal flaws are exposed. For example:

During five hours of conversation, the fighters did not reflect on their own questionable activities or debate any situations they faced regarding risk to civilians while operating in Gaza’s urban landscape. Instead, they repeatedly turned the focus to Israel.

“You are dealing with an enemy that there’s not any difference between soldier and civilian,” insisted one fighter in a plaid shirt.

“Israelis violated everything,” another declared. “You say this also to the Jews?”

The BBC would have translated this as “Israelis,” but in this case the naked antisemitism is allowed out on its own.

Or how about this:

“What was your role when the massacre in Rafah happened?” one fighter wanted to know, referring to Black Friday, when Qassam fighters took the remains of a slain Israeli soldier after a tunnel battle, prompting an Israeli assault that killed as many as 200 civilians. “We were besieged inside the hospital — why didn’t the I.C.R.C. help us?”

This is an admission that they were operating inside hospitals. Remind me again about those civilian casualties? And note the somewhat interesting suggestion that if the IDF are blasting you to bits, who are you going to call? The Red Cross!

So, while the scenario of Hamas and seminars on international law is sickening, there are some nuggets that – inadvertently, so far as Hamas are concerned, I presume – expose them for what they are: Jew hating, hypocritical, terrorists.

Finally, consider the huge waste of money. Does anyone seriously believe that these seminars will change anything that Hamas does for the better?  I’d like to know where the money for this fiasco came from.

You can read the whole piece, here.

Corbyn is coming. Will he bring his friends?

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be the new leader of the UK Labour Party is going much better for him than most pundits and commentators expected.

This Guardian article says:

Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership is gathering a momentum even he did not anticipate at the outset.

Earlier in the week, Guido Fawkes‘ quoted a leaked internal poll that put Corbyn  “well out in front” with a massive 22 point lead.

He might win.


As the registration system for the right to vote in the election is somewhat open to abuse, it’s no surprise there have been calls for Tory activists to join up and vote for Mr C. There are even suggestions this has been done by significant numbers of people. (We may never know the truth.)  The Tory view is that Corbyn as Labour leader condemns them to longer in the political wilderness. I’m not so sure they are right.

Allied to this possibly false spirited wave of support is, on the face of it, the clear political ground between Corbyn and the other candidates. The others are seen (rightly or wrongly) as New Labour. Corbyn is seen, all on his own, as “Old Labour” – the party of Benn, and traditional socialists before Tony Blair came along and made the party electable. So Corbyn can claim to be the alternative candidate; the happening, honorable bearer of the real socialism torch. And that’s an appeal that is bound to be given a sympathetic hearing by political activists. Not voters, but activists.

In the circumstances, this largely overlooked post – The Diplomat of Islington North – is worth reading and noting. In it, David Paxton writes:

Corbyn has repeatedly praised members of Hamas. They kill gays, deny the holocaust and speak of starting a fresh one. He calls them a force for social justice.

He praised the leadership in Venezuela while the oil-rich country was being run into bankruptcy and the freedom of the press was being eroded.

Corbyn asserts that despite the wishes of the Falklands islanders, expressed through the ballot box, and despite a fascist junta invading them causing British servicemen to fight and die, the islands should be owned by Argentina.

Paxton can do that, because he makes a better job than many of looking what Corbyn has said and done. Essentially, Corbyn’s attempts to explain away his “friends” reference is seen as nonsense. Corbyn is an extremist, and Paxton’s conclusions about the man are not pleasant.

The material in that post would be useful to any journalist who wanted to more rigorously interview the candidate. However, the prospects of that are low. Instead, it seems likely there will be more media presentation of the two sided, polarized view that makes the man attractive to the activists: Old Labour v New Labour. Whether that converts into success for him, and failure for his party, remains to be seen. But, it is telling (and somewhat frightening) that someone with such views is still even in serious contention. Who will rescue the Labour Party?

The Hamas Three Step Program

Source: Michel Chaton/Wikimedia

Source: Michel Chaton/Wikimedia

Follow along, and see how the darling terrorists of the liberal world responded to last week’s atrocities in Paris.

Step 1

Praised the attacks.

Step 2

Condemned the attacks. (After removing all praise from Hamas websites.)

Step 3

Blamed Israel for the attacks. (No, you couldn’t make it up.)


Threatened to kill all Jews who move from France to Israel.

The Hamas Three Step Program. Recommended if you feel there just isn’t enough antisemitism in the world.


  1. Check out the details at the Elder of Ziyon. As the Elder says: “So in the course of three days, Hamas went from pretending that they were against killing innocent civilians to threatening to murder every single French man, woman or child who immigrates to Israel.
  2. Let me know if you see any coverage of this in the Western media. Apparently, it’s not newsworthy.

Storm brewing

No, not the weather type of storm such as we have had in Israel for the last couple of days.

No, not the political type of storm such as we have had in Israel for the last couple of, er, decades.

The storm I am referring to is the one brewing in Gaza.

Hamas fought (in my opinion) a badly judged war. Their propaganda efforts got them some sympathy, a modest extension of their fishing zone, much publicity, and nothing more apart from promises. Many of the promises featured rebuilding Gaza. Many of those making the promises overlooked – deliberately or otherwise – the challenge of rebuilding Gaza without rebuilding terror tunnels.

Fats forward several months, and progress has been almost non-existent. If you are a resident of Gaza, what do you think Hamas got for you with the blood of your people? And the immediate prospects for improvement are not good. There’s now better recognition of the challenges of rebuilding only civilian infrastructure. There’s now an awareness – or, perhaps, more awareness now being openly stated – that Hamas is a corrupt, kleptocracy of a regime. And there are two elephants in the room.

Elephant number one is the Israeli election. Hamas know that any terrorist act by them may cause a voting swing to the right. If that’s what they want, there will be such an act or acts.

Elephant number two is the illusion of unity, and the actual stance of Fatah. According to this report, the Palestinian Authority has said there will be no reconstruction until the PA get control of Gaza… In response, Hamas claims – in a less than peaceful manner – that Palestinian unity (ahem) is being ruined by the PA. Further, they warn Abbas they ‘will not await your mercy.’

My interpretation (aka ‘guess’) is that trouble is brewing in Gaza. Militarily I hope we are prepared. Politically, we are stuck till after the election. And if Bibi gets in again, I fear we will still be stuck.

I have no sympathy for Hamas, but the people of Gaza are paying a terrible price for the real crimes of their leaders. The even more terrible aspect is that Hamas want Israel to pay a price as well.

A message from Hamas

This, from CAMERA, should be well viewed and bookmarked:

Hamas Still Hamas, Says Will Never Recognize or Relinquish “Even an Inch” of Israel

Remember when it was all the rage for some journalists to pretend Hamas recognizes Israel and wants a two-state solution, never mind what the Islamist group’s own leaders repeatedly and consistently said to the contrary?

There was The New York Times, which told us that a Hamas leader, in the words of its headline, “Calls for Two-State Solution.” (No, he didn’t.)

And don’t forget The Guardian, chroniclers of the “news” that Hamas “agrees to Israeli state.” (Wrong again.)

Alas, it seems Hamas leaders were never close readers of those newspapers. The organization stubbornly has continued to be clear about its ideology, as it did again just a few days ago.

Over to you, MEMRI:

Speaking at a December 12 rally in Khan Younes, Hamas political bureau member Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said: “Anyone who thinks that we will recognize the existence of the [Zionist] entity or the 1967 borders is deluded… Palestine stretches from the Egyptian border in the south to Lebanon in the north, and from Jordan in the east to the Mediterranean sea in the west, and we will never recognize anything less than this.” He added: “If part of our land is liberated, we will establish our state in that part without relinquishing even an inch of the rest. Just as we liberated Gaza and established a genuine administration in it, [with] an army and security apparatuses that defend us, rather than the Israeli enemy [unlike those of the PA], we will do the same in the West Bank, as a prelude to attaining all of Palestine.”

In the festive season, what a truly festive, peaceful message from Hamas. One that all their supporters in the west should read, understand, and remember.

A slip of the blame

Credit to the Guardian for establishing a live report on this morning’s terror attack. Unfortunately, it was blighted momentarily by this:


They got the headline wrong. It has since been corrected.

Inevitably, Hamas have praised the attack. They claim it is in retaliation for the lynching of an Arab bus driver earlier in the week. The police say the bus driver’s death was suicide. I do not know any reason to doubt the police. However, for the avoidance of doubt, if it were a lynching, that would be a despicable crime and the perpetrators should be hunted down and subject to the full force of the law. But even if it were a lynching, in no way, shape or form does that justify or excuse this morning’s attack.

There will be plenty of blame to go around. If the media – and western politicians – were being honest, they would own up to the root cause being incitement. Incitement by Hamas, but also by Abbas and Fatah. Incitement that has almost entirely been ignored. Kerry’s condemnation is to be welcomed, but it’s late; very late.

It would be good if this were the last such attack. I’m praying that this is the case, and for a full and speedy recovery for the surviving victims.

Hamas! Hamas! A barrel full of laughs!

Ahmed Yousef is senior political adviser to the former Hamas prime minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. I tend to agree with the Elder of Ziyon that he doubles up as a comedy writer. You don’t believe me? Try this:

Hamas is a Palestinian liberation movement that uses traditional Islamic teaching as its point of reference. Israeli media and many of the western channels that mimic it have far too easily succumbed to the Israeli establishment’s propaganda that the group is akin to al-Qaida and/or a front for Iran and/or a combination thereof. Were pundits to truly scrutinise Hamas’s actions since its inception, they would find not a single official statement or position that is based on denigrating another faith, certainly neither Judaism nor Christianity. Nor can anyone produce a shred of evidence that Hamas formally encourages prejudice against anyone’s ethnicity. And the group has been far more conscious of avoiding civilian casualties than the Israelis. We in Gaza are witnesses to the deaths of scores of our children, while Israeli television has largely been able to parade only the coffins of soldiers.

I must be imagining things. Like when they said “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.”

Like when they said:

“Whoever is killed by a Jew receives the reward of two martyrs, because the very thing that the Jews did to the prophets was done to him.”

Like when they said:

“The Jews are the most despicable and contemptible nation to crawl upon the face of the Earth, because they have displayed hostility to Allah.”

Like when they said:

“Allah will kill the Jews in the hell of the world to come, just like they killed the believers in the hell of this world.”

Like when they said:

“The Jews kill anyone who believes in Allah. They do not want to see any peace whatsoever on Earth.”

Just my imagination. And that is the tip of the iceberg.

And the explanation given for their charter – which they clearly recognize is a problem – is straight out of Alice in Wonderland:  they do not want to kill Jews. But they need to say that so as to attract members. There is no explanation of why a member attracted to an organization that says it wants to kill Jews, should suddenly change his attitude to Jews. Maybe I missed that…

If you want to read this entire piece of comic invention, you can find it, where else, but at the Guardian.

This publication is the act of a cowardly publisher. They give Hamas a free platform. Instead of a so-called opinion piece, why not an interview? Why not some proper questions to answer? Why not put to their comedy writer spokesman the evidence that nullifies 99% of his apologia? For that, the Guardian is to be condemned.

To add insult to injury, they promote this:

One of these people is an apologist spokesman for a terrorist organization. But the Guardian thinks it is appropriate to give them a free shot of propaganda.

One of these people is an apologist spokesman for a terrorist organization. But the Guardian thinks it is appropriate to give them a free shot of propaganda.

I wonder how Hadley Freeman, Maurice Saatchi, and Jessica Valentio felt about being selected contributors alongside Ahmed Yousef?