Cock-up by Argyll and Bute Council

From the Scotsman:

Bute renamed ‘Penis Island’ in Gaelic sign blunder

VISITORS to a popular Scottish holiday spot have unwittingly been welcomed to “Penis Island” for nearly a decade because a council’s Gaelic grammar error went unnoticed until now.

The large sign greeting ferry passengers as they step on to the Isle of Bute has been in place for around nine years but it has only recently come to light it was missing a crucial punctuation mark.

And later in the piece, there is this cracker:

Àdhamh Ó Broin, a native dialect campaigner and Gaelic coach for the TV series Outlander, said: “It’s meant to be the genitive case, not the genital case. A genitive case is when one noun follows another and its form changes. Bhòid is Bute but Bhoid is penis. You would need the accent over the ‘O’. It says ‘Welcome to the doorway to the beauty of Penis Island’.”


Read the whole sordid tale, here.

Just remember to be careful out there with your accents!

[First seen at the Register.]