Compare and Contrast

I have a recent post (here) about Fatah celebrating the killing of Jews.

Compare and contrast to this, from the Times of Israel:

PM blasts ‘shocking’ tape of wedding-goers feting Duma murders

Joining politicians from right and left condemning clip, Netanyahu says video shows ‘true face’ of far-right group, which poses ‘threat’ to Israel

e Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night denounced a “shocking” video clip showing far-right extremists celebrating the killings of the Dawabsha family, joining dozens of other politicians and public figures coming out against the taped incident.

Politicians from both sides of the political aisle strongly condemned the clip, aired by Channel 10, which shows revelers at the Jerusalem celebration waving knives, rifles, pistols and a Molotov cocktail during the wedding.

Amid the festivities, a photo of baby Ali Dawabsha, who was burned to death in the July 31 firebombing in the West Bank village of Duma, is shown being repeatedly stabbed.

“The shocking images broadcast tonight show the true face of a group that constitutes a threat to Israeli society and Israel’s security,” said Netanyahu. “We will not accept people who violate the state’s laws and do not see themselves as bound by them.”

The video “proves how important it is to have a strong Shin Bet for the sake of all of our security,” the prime minister added, referring to recent allegations of torture against the national security agency.

The report includes lots of condemnation from all parts of the Israeli political spectrum. You can read it for yourself here.

But compare and contrast with the Fatah incitement.

Does the Fatah incitement appear in the western media? No.

Will the Guardian cover it? No.

Will the BBC cover it. No?

Will CNN cover it? No

It will be ignored.

Will the western media cover the dreadful wedding celebration – the dance of death? Yes.

For example, it is already up at the Guardian.

There is no doubt; the western media are part of the problem.

Standards Standards

Or, to put it another way: double standards. You want them? Well, look here:

Egypt vs. Israel casualty coverage

A few things are notable about the current fighting in Egypt between the government and the supporters of Morsi in comparison to how the media covers Israel.

Firstly, as of this writing, the death toll in less than 24 hours is 281, mostly civilians (no matter what you think of the Muslim Brotherhood, while some of them are armed, most of the protesters were peaceful.)

Last November, Israel and Gaza terror groups fought Pillar of Defense. Israel dropped hundreds of bombs on Gaza and the news coverage was non-stop, as was the vitriol against Israel for supposed wanton killings and disregard for civilian lives.

The one day with the most Arab casualties in Pillar of Defense was November 18. Guess how many were killed by Israel’s fearsome war machine on that day?


Either the Egyptian security forces’ bullets are far more deadly than Israel’s bombs and missiles – or Israel was extraordinarily careful in who they targeted and how.

In fact, in one day, Egypt has killed more Arabs than Israel did since January 2012 – including Pillar of Defense!

Also, the number of civilians killed in the current fighting is much, much higher than the number killed by Israel since the end of 2011.

There is another double standard to the reporting that is important to note as well.

The Muslim Brotherhood claimed at various times during the day a death toll of over 2000. While these huge numbers were quoted, practically no reporter took those claims seriously, knowing that the group would tend to exaggerate to a great degree and because the numbers just didn’t seem realistic. The media acted responsibly and reported only the statistics that could be confirmed by more reputable sources.

Yet, the same media swallows the death statistics from Muslim Brotherhood offshoot Hamas and reports them in detail, as fact, without the slightest amount of skepticism.

The only way to explain this is to recognize that the media, by and large, has a false impression of Israel as a brutal regime and is willing to believe the worst about it – no matter how many times the lies are exposed (unfortunately, often days or months later.)

Yet even after seeing the Egyptian security forces machine-gun civilians at point blank range, the media is not willing to believe inflated claims about casualties without further checking.

This encapsulates the problem with media coverage of Israel nicely. Pre-existing biases are assumed true, and fact checking is lacking when the reports fit what the reporter believes.

Watch the coverage from Egypt. The double standards are clear.

As usual, the Elder of Ziyon hits the nail squarely on the head. There is bias in the media against Israel; it’s there in black and white. But the herd instinct is so strong, nobody among the major players is prepared to step back and indulge in some introspection about what they routinely do. (It’s a variation of the emperor’s new clothes syndrome.)

Are they scared? Are they bought and paid for? Do they all subscribe to theory of the end justifies the means, and so as opposed to a Jewish state, don’t care? Do they truly prefer a simple David v Goliath story, instead of the more complex truth?

In short, why does the west have this type of media? And what can we in Israel do about it?