Driving to Victory


Azriel, Rosalynn, Peleg, and Sheer joined me for the last pre-Pesach playing session, and a good one it was.

We started with Automobiles, a game that combines deck-building with a racing boardgame. This was new to Azriel and Rosalynn, but they were quickly up to, er, speed with the game mechanics. Azriel loves combinations, and was happy to do as many of these as he could, even if they weren’t the best for his chances of victory. Rosalynn, Peleg, and I competed to be second to last, as Sheer had decided he wanted to win from the back and stay in last place as long as possible. Come the final lap, Sheer made his break for the front and we all chased him. But a bad draw meant that Sheer’s bold stroke fell at the last hurdle, and I was first pass the post.

We finished the night with a combination of Dominion: Adventures and Dominion: Intrigue. It was very definitely my night, as I built up a stack of gold cards, and nobody else’s combinations got anywhere near to my buying power often enough. (I think most of the other players were still in shock from me winning the last game, as my previous efforts at it have been awful.) So, I managed the rare event of winning the second consecutive game of the night. Hopefully everybody else still enjoyed it…

Thanks to all who came for making another great night of gaming.

Wonder of the adventure and the duel


This week, Sheer, Susan, and I played Dominion: Adventures. This is a Dominion set from which we have only used a few of the available cards, so each experience is still new and fresh.

The mechanics include Duration cards whose effects last from turn to turn, and other cards whose effect triggers after you play it in an earlier turn, and call it in a subsequent turn. Some of the effects seem more interesting than useful, but that probably just means I have not spotted the right combination. And there are cards that seem too powerful. (That means I have not worked out how to combat them…)

We played one game with a recommended set featuring just the cards from Adventures, and although it was close, Sheer won. He followed that up with a win in a two player game against me, using the base set and Adventures.

Then he and I switched to 7 Wonders: Duel. Sheer won the first game with a military victory, using a clever maneuver with his Wonder that I completely overlooked. I got my revenge in the next game with a decent points win.

Four games in the night meant I was well satisfied. More please!


A quiet night in on an adventure

Azriel, Nechamiah, Roslynn, and Sheer joined Susan and me for this week’s game session, split into a short game, and a long game.

The short game was Carcassonne, a tile placement game of some vintage that Sheer and I knew fairly well. It was new to Azriel, Nechamiah, and Roslynn, but they did pretty well, and seemed to have a good time.

The long game was Dominion: Adventures, which saw Roslynn leave, and Susan join in. I watched, as I was tired and wanted to let everyone else better enjoy the four player experience. (With more than four players, Dominion is a real drag. Besides, I knew I stood no chance of winning.) The recommended setup produced a nice mix of cards, with a very definite different feel to the other strains of this game I have experience of.

One card – the Giant – kept throwing a spanner into plans by forcing players to trash cards. In addition, since nobody went for money, and the deck was otherwise slow, it too longer than usual. It was not boring – even to watch – but that did make it harder work for the players, especially Azriel and Nechamiah who were knew to these cards. Again, however, everyone seemed to have fun.

We have only dabbled with this Dominion version, and I can see it getting more play.

Back to glory


After an enforced break, this week saw a return to a euro gaming session. I was joined by Amiram, Peleg, Sheer, Susan, and Rosalynn.

Sheer’s watch was acting up, so he was late. Until he arrived, we busied ourselves with a quick game of No Thanks (aka Geschenkt). Peleg one with a single figure score. Well done that man!

Then we split into two groups.

Peleg and Sheer had several high energy games of Netrunner. As Sheer said afterwards that the more he played it, the more he enjoyed it, this game will definitely be back for more.

Amiram, Rosalyyn, Susan, and I played a couple of games of Dominion: Adventures. There’s a lot to grasp for those who are new to the deckbuilding style of game, and especially one as supercharged as Adventures. So, the first game saw some tentative play by novices Amiram and Rosalynn. However, that all changed in the second game, with both Amiram and Rosalynn pushing very hard indeed, and coming within one card of victory. Unfortunately for them, and me, Susan excels at this game, and she was the winner in both games. Let’s hear it for Dominion champ Susan!

Rosalyyn, Sheer, Susan and I finished with a quick game of the classic Reibach and Co. Rosalynn jumped into a first round lead, and never looked back. She easily held on for the win. Way to go, Rosalynn!

After all of that, the adrenaline was flowing and I could not get to sleep, even though it was late. The buzz was terrific. I love gaming!

Shabbat gaming adventures

Over Shabbat, Susan and I had a chance to try out Dominion: Adventures, a recent acquisition by way of a birthday gift for Susan.


This expansion has some action cards with enduring benefits (so you play them and get something from them in the same turn and the next turn) and others that can be held in reserve (allowing you to use them in a later turn), and other variations on a theme.

For example, there’s the Wine Merchant. This gives you plus four gold and an extra buy. But when you use it, it goes to one side – not back into your deck.  You can redeem it at a cost of 2 gold.

There are also 20 Events, a sort of type of always available action card (if you have the money) that you can buy, but it never goes in to your deck. This type also tends to need special tokens that modify cards or abilities. For example, one of the Events can force a -1 Card Draw token to be placed on your opponent. Nasty!

The Wine Merchant was the card of choice in the first set we played, quickly allowing both of us to buy up the key victory point cards. I had trashed an Estate, and that single victory point turned out to be the margin of victory for Susan.

In the second set there was no Wine Merchant, but the Hireling was the focus card. This allows you to draw an extra card. More Hirelings equals more cards. Susan won the race to buy and deploy more Hirelings, and so rather easily accumulated a decent raft of victory points for the win.

This is a cool set of Dominion cards, and one we are sure to try out again.