A fair affair comment?

The BBC reportsCIA director David Petraeus resigns over affair.

CIA director David Petraeus has resigned from his post, admitting he had an extra-marital affair.

In a statement, Mr Petraeus described his behaviour as “unacceptable” for the leader of the nation’s main intelligence agency.

Unnamed officials said Mr Petraeus conducted the affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

So far, so straightforward.  Ms Broadwell was his biographer and lover. Later on the BBC report, adding some context, says this:

Mrs Broadwell is a Harvard University research associate and PhD candidate at King’s College, London.

She has a military background, graduating from the same West Point Academy as Mr Petraeus. She is married to radiographer Scott Broadwell and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She spent months embedded alongside the then-general in Afghanistan while researching her 2011 book, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus. The book was widely seen as a positive account of his leadership methods.

Ahem. Someone at the Beeb was enjoying themselves. Good one!