Past Times

For Brits of a certain age, Ceefax and Teletext were the first hint of what a digitally connected world might look like. Long since overtaken by the internet and mobile phone technology, these services were, in their time, pioneering. Their appeal lingers on for some as reported in this Guardian article:

“If you find news websites too overwhelming, too fast and too full of distractions then this might be the solution: a recreation of the BBC’s Ceefax service featuring up-to-date headlines, an accurate weather map and the latest stock market prices.

Nathan Dane, 20, has spent the last six years building a simulation of the BBC’s defunct text-based information service. It takes in data from the BBC’s existing website and repurposes it in the distinctively blocky font that was ubiquitous on television sets during the 1980s and 1990s.”

You can try the service out for yourself here. (At the time of posting, probably due to the Guardian article, the site was struggling a bit due to overload. So, be patient.)

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first rebirth of Ceefax. See here.