Quote of the week

From Alex Safian‘s piece – With Ariel Sharon’s Death, Expect the Usual Falsehoods – at CAMERA:

For his succesful efforts to build and defend the state of Israel, Ariel Sharon will never be forgotten. For exactly the same reasons, among Israel’s adversaries Ariel Sharon will never be forgiven.

Well worth bearing in mind. Read the whole thing, here. It’s a fine antidote to the rubbish that Israel haters and sloppy journalists have put out, and will continue to produce about Sharon.

Modern Moses?

A thought provoking sting in the tale in Tom Gross‘ article Sharon: Myths, Facts, and Blood Libels:

“We still have to wait and see whether journalists in the supposedly respectable world media have decided to rid themselves once and for all of the anti-Semitic overspill in their Israel coverage. While it is too early to tell, I doubt Sharon will be hailed as “a modern Moses,” as the influential British paper the Guardian dubbed Yasser Arafat on the front page of the newspaper when he died.”

Read it all, here.

Disconnect of the week

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

Ariel Sharon has died and his passing, unsurprisingly, has generated a range of reactions; from love to hate, from adoration to demonization. However, this (from the Jerusalem Post) gets the prize:

…Dozens of Palestinians took to the streets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday to celebrate the death of former prime minister Ariel Sharon.

The Palestinians handed out candy to drivers, shopkeepers and passersby, while others set fire to portraits of Sharon, the Palestinian news agency Safa reported.

The agency said that the celebration took place in the town of Bani Suhaila east of Khan Yunis.

Dozens of residents gathered in the center of the town, chanting “Allahu akbar” as women ululated in joy over Sharon’s death, the agency said.

Participants said they consider the death of Sharon as the beginning of the demise of the Israeli entity, paving the way for liberation,” the report said.

He’s been in a coma for eight years, and his death is the beginning of the end for Israel? What school of logic does that spring from? (The Irrationalists of I’ve No clue?) Fair enough, they do not have anything nice to say about Sharon – indeed, some Israelis are joining them in the abuse stakes – but they do their cause no good by such groundless, nonsensical wishful thinking.