Anzio: Operation Shingle

This is the game that came with Paper Wars 77 by Compass Games. The designer is Dave Murray, and the topic is the WW2 battle for Anzio and environs from the landings in January 1944, up to March 1944.

Each turn is one day, each hex is “3.5 miles square”, and units are battalions, regiments, and brigades.


The graphics presentation is good. I liked the double width combat counters and the large hexes on the map. The rules and support materials are good – there are separate player aid charts in the center of the rules, bound into the magazine. I did have one or two queries, but nothing that stopped me from playing the game and having a few runs through of the first scenario to teach me the basics. If I have a problem with the rules and the game system, it’s the Editorial Approach. I will come back to that. Continue reading