The Prisoner at 50

Patrick McGoohan Source: WikiMedia

Patrick McGoohan <> Source: WikiMedia

The Prisoner is one cult TV show from the 1960s that I remember, and enjoyed. I think my brother has the whole thing on video tape, and we have occasionally reminisced about it. Thanks to the national Bnei Akivah Conference being held nearby one year, I have also been to Portmeirion, the main setting for the series, and that somewhat cemented my fondness for the show.

Apparently yesterday (5 September) was the 50th anniversary of the start of filming, and the BBC has marked the occasion with a pictorial essay here. I thought it a rather good piece, giving both a flavor of the show, and commenting on some of the issues it covered, all without getting too pompous or high brow. And it gives a small hint about how talented the late Patrick McGoohan was.