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My name is Ellis Simpson and I am Raanana Gamer. I started this blog mainly because I wanted to increase the visibility of gaming in Israel. But, while gaming is an important interest, it’s not my only one. So, I expect to write about books, music, and other topics that catch my attention. However, the road to blogging oblivion is assuredly paved with good intentions, and I have no idea where this is going to end up. All I know is that I’m writing because I enjoy it; if anyone else gets some pleasure from these pages, that’s a bonus.


I have disabled comments for various reasons. (At least, I think I have…) On many sites the comments are largely counter productive: illiterate, offensive, juvenile, unhelpful, boring, or pointless. Or any combination of these. I am not wasting my time policing comments. This does not mean I am ruling out any conversation, criticism or comment; my email address is s4simpson at gmail.com. Feel free to get in touch if you want to comment.


Whatever mild interest I had in games – chess, Stratego, Careers, Campaign and the like – became what some might call an obsession because of two life changing events.

The first was a history teacher who not only sparked my interest in his subject, but started a wargaming club. I had read about wargames in a Lion Annual article, years before he turned my curiosity into interest. I will never forget him and what he did for me. (I will also never forget the Napoleonic campaign game he ran, which was my first introduction to the challenges of command and the fog of war. It was an immersive and fun experience.)

The second was the appearance in Airfix Magazine of an advert for Stragey & Tactics – the history magazine with a game in it – which stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to get a copy. That first issue I managed to acquire (#38 with the game CA) led to a subscription, which led to more and more, games and gaming.


Before making aliyah, I lived mostly in Glasgow, Scotland. I loved the place, still do and always will. Although it’s no longer home, the friends and family I have there make it a favourite place to visit. And the locals are people for whom I have an abiding affection. But now home is Ra’anana, and with the enormous chasm of a cultural divide between Sauchiehall Street and Rechov Achuza, there’s plenty to comment on. It’s part of the fun of the adventure. Or, so they tell me.


To the women in my life – my wife and kids – thank you.

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