In Tolkien’s World

Produced by Fantasy Flight Games back in 2011, this card game is one of the best solitaire games in my collection. Although it can also be played by two players (or more if you buy more copies of the game) or one player with two separate hands of cards, almost all of my games have been in one-player mode. You start with three heroes (of your choice) and construct your deck to match the powers and weaknesses of the heroes and the challenge before you. Game play consists of playing your deck against the encounter deck, where all the nasties live. It’s a race against time as you must complete the mission victory conditions before the combined threat from the forces of evil overcomes you. You can see more in my first post about the game here.

Since that first post I came across the Hall of Beorn site which has been an indispensable aid in learning the finer points of deckbuilding and game play, but also has inspired me to acquire many of the expansion sets and keep adventuring.

So far, I have managed to finish the missions in the base game and all those from the Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle. All bar one I managed – after repeated attempts in most cases – to win. I haven’t been able to crack the last one – Return to Mirkwood – so far. In general, the level of challenge seems about right. You cannot just design a deck and defeat the encounter deck. Sometimes, it takes two or three plays just to understand how the deck should best be played.

Being the butterfly gamer that I am, I’ll be moving onto something else. But I’ll be back in Tolkien’s world again, for sure.