Iranian Surprise

Does this come as a surprise to you?

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It beggars belief how much leeway the JCPOA negotiators have given Iran. Quite why they expected a serious response from Iran is beyond me. To be clear, the agreement is a crap agreement, pretty near worthless. However, some do believe it was better than no agreement. What I’d like to know from the believers is whatever happened to the snap back sanctions? You know, the ones that Obama promised would snap into place should Iran break the agreement. As I understand it, Iran is suffering from the sanctions Trump unilaterally imposed. Its blatant breaches of the agreement have been met by silence. And surprise.

Are these negotiators idiots? How is it possible for educated people to arrive at such a world view?

Talking about world views, for reasons that I do not understand, there have been public declarations by our Mossad chief that Iran will never get nuclear weapons. What is the point of such a statement? What good does it do? Will the ayatollahs be shaking in their boots? Will the negotiators suddenly see the light? Will a quick and easy military solution suddenly appear? Maybe someone smarter than me can explain.

For now, I worry about the situation erupting into another war. I wish I had a magic wand.