FedEx Mystery

Monday September 27 – FedEx call me about a delivery they have for me from the USA. Will I be at home on Wednesday (29 September)? Yes, I will. All day.

Wednesday September 29 – I am at home all day, but no delivery arrives.

Thursday September 30 – Having heard nothing further, I contact the company who sent me the delivery asking for them to check what’s going on. It transpires that the delivery was supposedly made on Sunday September 26 and signed for by “I Ishay.” There is no such person in my home (!) or in my apartment block. I call FedEx, but they are already closed for the weekend.

Sunday October 3 – I call FedEx but their service center isn’t taking calls. There’s an email address and I duly send them an email about my parcel. They acknowledge my email and say they are looking into it.

Monday October 4 – FedEx deliver my package. No explanation. Bizarre. Why would they phone on Monday if the package had been delivered on the Sunday? Who is the mysterious I Ishay?