Third’s the charm

Earlier today, I had my third vaccination. As with the previous vaccinations, the process was efficient and hardly took any time at all. The only delay as such was the fifteen minutes after the jag that they ask you to spend at the clinic to see if you suffer serious side effects. I’ve been very fortunate in that I have had no problems with any of the jags; not even a sore arm.

Although I have been vaccinated, I’m trying to keep away from places where the risk of infection might be high. For example, I could go to shul – with a mask – and be exposed to all the kids running around who are likely to be unvaccinated and may be carrying the virus. Instead, if I want to go to shul, I’ll attend the outdoors minyan that’s less than 100 meters from our building. It might not be as comfortable, especially in the heat, but it’s surely less of a risk.

Meantime, I’ve been trying and failing to get my head round why anybody in their right mind would not want to be vaccinated. It simply doesn’t make sense. These people shout about their rights but ignore their responsibilities. I’m all in favor of the so-called Green Passport so that the unvaccinated will be excluded from certain locations. That’s presumably the limit as to what can be done to encourage doubters to take the plunge and get vaccinated.