The Man (Not) In the Mask

Ra’anana, 3 December 2020

On the walk back from the office today, I saw this individual coming towards me, pushing an empty stroller. He wasn’t walking quickly. He wasn’t exercising. He wasn’t wearing a mask. There was no mask dangling from either ear, either hand or cuff, nor tied in a knot on the stroller. He was maskless. (My spellchecker rejects ‘maskless’ but I’ve left it in as being the best description.)

As he was just about to pass me, I asked him – politely – where was his mask. His reaction was to ignore me. When I repeated the question, while still walking straight ahead, he turned his head away from me. No explanation. No answer (And no mask.) I made one last attempt to communicate with him, but his walls of ignorance were up and fully engaged.

So, I turned towards him as he passed by and took his picture.

It’s not a great picture; I think he speeded up to get away from me and I had no intention of running after him. However, the side view and the distinctive coloring/logo at the back of the hoodie and the stroller should be enough.

If you know him, the next time you see him, gently remind him we are all in this together. If you prefer me to give him the message, send me his contact details.