So that was Chanukah that was

For me, Chanukah was over almost before it started. Definitely a sign of getting old.

With large gatherings off the agenda due to the coronavirus, we had a somewhat smaller first night lighting the menorah event, though do not worry as there were more than enough latkes and donuts to go around!

There were 1,001 online Chanukah events, but given that I spend most of the working day in front of a computer, I generally stay away from such offerings. Susan participated in an online quiz event for the shul. And there was one exception that we both took part in as Susan and I were the featured guests in a sort of foreside chat with Rabbi Moshe Rubin, our former leader in Glasgow. It was great to catch up, even fleetingly, with old familiar faces. Apparently we ruled ourselves out of jobs in the Jewish Agency Aliyah Department with our full and frank answers! However, those who were listening carefully will recall that we both stressed living in Israel was worth the effort. We are grateful we have a very good life here. (Even in these challenging times.)