A Minute to Midnight – David Baldacci

This is one of the Atlee Pine series, featuring the duly named FBI Special Agent and her adventures. Her own past, however, is the source of much angst: her twin sister was kidnapped several years ago and Ms Pine always has at least one eye out on the possibility of finding out who the perpetrator was and hunting that person down.

In this book, Pine is given some personal time after somewhat overstepping the boundaries of professional behavior while making an arrest. Cue another opportunity to investigate the taking of her sister.

So, Pine goes back to her once home town and stirs up trouble investigates matters. Cue chaos and action.

Baldacci is a great writer, but doesn’t always deliver the quality to match his skill. This time around I would say he gets quite close to the mark. Sure, some of the scenarios are formulaic, and sometimes the suspension of disbelief required is on the higher levels. But, the story gets going and pulls you along. The characterizations may be somewhat thin, but the narrative is enthralling and delivers a real page-turning experience.

In short, one of Baldacci’s decent books.