IQ – Joe Ide

The IQ of the title is Isaiah Quintabe, a young man who still lives in a gang-controlled part of Los Angeles, but lives a very different life style, operating as a private detective for hire. The price? Whatever people can pay. Many of the reviews highlight the connection to Sherlock Holmes as IQ has no backup and bugger all resources; just his wits, his phenomenal observational skills, and his repartee. The bad guys don’t stand a chance…

In this debut adventure, the realities of needing to earn a crust force IQ to think about taking on a job from an unsavory character: a rap star who thinks someone is out to kill him. From there on, the action heats up.

There are, however, two narratives: one dealing with the present and one filling us in as to IQ’s history. This helps us better understand his motivation and the angst behind some of his choices.

It’s an entertaining read, primarily driven by the superb character at the center. The plot is reasonable enough, and the tension is both well crafted and credible. Hopefully the author can maintain the quality because there is a lot of potential in the character and the setting.

A fine piece of writing and well worthy of your time.