Fiction – September 2019

Rookie cop has to turn to disgraced ex-cop to help solve serial killer slayings. The writing is a bit rough round the edges, the violence is close to over the top, and some of the characterization is weak. But, the main characters are good, the plot holds together well, and the tension is not to be doubted. Worth a peek, but not for the squeamish.

Brutal mass shooting sets off a hunt for a killer and a motive. DCI Banks to the rescue, as slowly he and his team work out the connections that establish the motive and the ID of the killer. Not one of Robinson’s best, but still a decent crime novel.

Inspired by finishing Mike Ripley‘s wonderful Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I picked up a couple of older novels that I missed first time around. (Though in this case, I saw the film. Who didn’t?) This is a spy novel that shook up the genre when first published, but now is a familiar approach. However, there is some super writing here, and the trip back in time was highly enjoyable. If nostalgia’s your thing, you won’t go wrong here.