The Lizard’s Bite – David Hewson

After a long break, this is me returning to the Nic Costa series from David Hewson. This is the fourth book featuring the art-loving detective and his colleagues.

The story here revolves around Venice and a glass making family thrown into chaos when two of their number die in a strange incident. Being the cops from Rome who have been sent away as a punishment for past misdeeds, the locals give Nic Costa and Gianni Peroni all the crap jobs. This time around, they are told to wrap up the case quickly, or else.

As the investigation proceeds – into the Arcangeli family and their possible savior Hugo Massiter – the easy resolution becomes more and more beyond their reach. And then things get worse.

This is a story told at a measured pace, with a good range of interesting characters, and some finely drawn backdrop. There is action and violence, but in between there is an opportunity to enjoy some good writing, and a plot that keeps on delivering up to the final surprise.

This is a good read. You don’t have to have read all the stories in the series before this, but it would probably increase your enjoyment.