Space Carrier Avalon – Glynn Stewart

This is space opera with an emphasis on the spaceship Avalon, in its day the flagship of the Castle Federation. Now, some twenty years later, the much decorated warship is on one final trip before being decommissioned.

The book starts with the arrival of new commanders of the flight crew, and from there on in, it’s action and excitement.

Or, at least it was supposed to be that way. Unfortunately, I was totally unconvinced. I found the characters lacking in appeal, the dialog to be wooden, and the writing a veritable deluge of tell, tell, tell.

There’s a corruption thread that has potentially huge consequences, but simply disappears. The fight sequences are not too bad, though you have to suspend disbelief a fair chunk to get over the techno babble terminology on which the science fiction part is grounded.

This simply did not work for me. Stay away.