Two from Stav Sherez

These two novels, starting with A Dark Redemption, are police murder mysteries featuring DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller.

The first book is about the dreadful slaying of a Ugandan student, the second about a horrific fire in which several nuns die. In both, the author does an excellent job of sprinkling a veritable shoal of (credible) red herring clues about the place to keep the reader off balance. However, as a seasoned crime fiction reader, I spotted the solution in Eleven Days as soon as a particular family relationship was exposed. Regardless, the plots are very well put together.

So far as the characters are concerned, A Dark Redemption is largely about Carrigan’s background, with Miller more up front in Eleven Days. They are both well rounded characters, but Miller could do with a bit more padding out, some of which may come to the fore in the third of the series.

The rest of the police squad are cardboard cut outs with a clear notion to tick the diversity box.

The backdrop that is consistent in both is London, and the author presents it well, with enough fresh perspective and nice language to make it more than just a familiar set of place names.

These books reflect a mountain of research and hard slog, which the author has put in so as to deliver fine examples of the crime writer’s craft. Not up with the best, but getting there. Recommended.