The Spy Novel is Back

Here are a trio of books from the same author, recently discovered by me, proving that it is possible to write a 21st century spy novel without whizz bang technology, pyrotechnics, and evil overlords plotting to rule the world.

The slow horses are the rejects from the mainstream British espionage establishment. But their boss, the frankly despicable Jackson Lamb, has this uncanny ability to keep them going, from one dead-end task to another. Suddenly, they are in play, and competing to get back into the real action. This is character driven fiction, with a sprinkle of humor, wry observation, and a half-decent plot. Plenty of twists and lost of enjoyment. Start here!

Second of the books featuring the rude, difficult, chauvinistic, racist reject Jackson Lamb and his slow horses, this also shows off the author’s fine storytelling skills. The characters are just wonderful, and while the plot struggles to maintain that quality, it does enough to keep up the suspense. At times tragic, at others laugh out loud funny, this is a great read.

Third of the Jackson Lamb and slow horses books, this one features a not so nice bit of internal rivalry that turns deadly. While parts of the slow horses may screw up the initial operation, they do not give up, and in their own inimitable fashion, work away at securing the right result. Again, great characters, laughs, tension, and just an all round terrific read.