May? Where did the time go?

It’s been busy here, and that’s in the top ten of my understatements of the year. Lots going on. Most of it good.

I am so far behind, that I am sure my book notes are missing some entries. But, here’s what I have as being the fiction read over the last few months.

Conclusion to an excellent series. Not the best of the lot, but satisfying, and enthralling. 

Well written, beautifully rendered, amazing world building. A fantasy for the modern era. I hated it. I had no interest in the characters, and less in their fate. Disappointing.

Spenser back in the world of prostitution. Formulaic, but clever, and fused with the humane perspective that the author never forgets to strengthen. Good.

Spenser in a more off beat case involving a serial killer who may be after the love of his life. That fresh look was welcome, adding to the continual development of the Spenser world and surrounding characters. Good.