Book catchup

Novels recently read, other than Spenser books:

Old-style American crime fiction written from the perspective of a killer for hire. Pretty raw in places, the central character will get you through the story, and there’s enough to keep most coming back for more. However, it is unpolished and wobbly in places,  and is only really recommended if you plan on reading more of the Quarry books and want the complete story.

John Rebus has been too good a character for Rankin to kill or retire. Here, it’s a forty year old cold case that runs through the contemporary story of crime boss Darryl Christie under attack, while Big Ger Cafferty awaits the outcome. Up there with the best of the Rebus books, apart from the ridiculous hoops the author has to go through to have Rebus be a policeman again in all but name.

Modern spy tale that adeptly handles the world of espionage without ceding the story to hi-tech, big bangs, and overkill. The central mystery is not much of a mystery, but it’s a decent read.

Scary. Dead kids, and a police force struggling to identify the killer, before the next victim turns up. There’s much to admire in the plotting and the tension, but the explanation for the baddie’s crimes didn’t convince. Still worth reading.

The new police character from Connelly is a female detective, exiled to the night shift by a vengeful management, after a harassment claim she made was not backed up by her cowardly partner. The story telling has all the trademark authenticity Connelly mines from real policemen, and the plot is its usual, well-oiled, clockwork perfection. One scene at the end did not work for some reason, and somewhat jarred. But, on the whole, this was pretty good.