The Poison Artist – Jonathan Moore

Caleb Maddox is a toxicologist. The strange and mysterious woman he encounters seems to have some connection to a series of killings that occur. Is she the killer?

That is the plot. The book is a psychological thriller, supposedly rich in threat, danger, and tension.

It is highly touted as something special.

The book bored me.

I found the writing overdone, and the character way too self absorbed, not at all interesting, and lacking in any aura of realism.

I could see the ending before I was far in to the start, and – though I finished it – almost wish I had not made the effort.

All books have their cliches, but if you are trying to portray the dark side of San Francisco, you really should be doing better than calling on the weather to set the scene. And that lack of imagination – ironically – also permeated through the scenes that were supposed to be fear ridden. I would describe them as a mix of pedestrian, overblown, and off kilter. They did not work.

In short, a disappointment. Of course, your mileage may vary. But if you try it and don’t like it, don’t blame me!