Books Read – October

I love reading. I read too much. I should be writing more.

Meantime, here’s part of my attempt to catch up on blogging about the (fiction) books I have read…

Unusual Italian crime novel about kidnapped kids. It goes astray in the second half, but gets back on track  for the showdown. Interesting pair of main characters, and there’s a follow up due.  4/5

Mr H is back! Translated well from the original German, this bizarre proposition is entertaining, with some very funny moments, and some truly shocking ones as well – on the assumption there is a hint of authenticity about the portrayal of contemporary German society. 4/5

Billed as the next “The Martian” it is nothing of the sort. An old science fiction trope that gets some new blood, but doesn’t quite convince. First book in a long time that leaves the author’s name off the cover. why? 3/5

Character driven science fiction space opera type adventure that has its moments, but lacks any maintained sense of urgency or action. Some interesting ideas that are hampered by the prominence given to the author’s didactic messages. 3/5

Number 2 in the Duffy series of crime books set in Northern Ireland in the time of the Troubles. The writing is crisp, the main character is a solid,
intriguing individual, the plot is layered, and the action is gripping. The backdrop seems spot on. Highly recommended, but start at the beginning. 4/5