The Killing II – David Hewson

The second in the series featuring the somewhat abrasive Detective Sarah Lund, sees old ghosts from Denmark’s wartime past stirred up. Our heroine, packed off out of the way to a remote posting after the disaster of the Nanna Birk Larsen case (in the first book), is brought back to solve the slaying of a female lawyer. Nothing, of course, is quite what it seems, and Lund can be relied upon to kick up enough of a storm to unsettle the perpetrator just as much as her colleagues.

The central character is uncompromising, and the portrayal no less so; she carries the show with aplomb, and the odd grimace as you wonder ‘how – or why – the hell did she do that?’ The plot is well constructed, and equally well revealed.

While not as fresh as the first book, it still packs a wallop. Highly recommended, but only after reading the first