Killing III – David Hewson

After enjoying the first and second in the Killing trilogy, I started the last with some concern that it would not be able to keep up the good standards of its predecessors. My worries were unfounded. If anything, this may be the best of the three. (But that enjoyment is substantially aided by having the read the first two. So, do not skip them!)

This time, the story starts when a dead body turns up, and is eventually traced back to the harbor. The police start to think there may be a connection to a plot to assasinate the prime minister. Into the mix comes Zeeland, a megacorp belonging to the local Zeuthen family, when tragedy strikes their domestic bliss. To further complicate matters, this occurs at the height of an election campaign, where the politicking is almost as deadly as the murder on the streets. Sarah Lund is asked to investigate, and she does so in her inimitable style.

The writing takes the reader on an express train of a thriller journey, full of twists and turns, and stuffed with interesting (not always nice) characters, and interactions. There is so much happening, that it almost overpowers you. But Hewson has judged things perfectly, and it all leads up to a grandstand finish that is as suitable as it is shocking.

On reviewing what I have written, I see that I have made no cricticisms of the book. I ask myself if I am being too positive. Was there anything I didn’t like? Maybe just one thing:┬áreading the last words was a bittersweet experience. I did not want it to end.

The Killing is one of the best trilogies I have read.